Wednesday, May 19, 2010

By The Numbers Turns Two Today

First, By The Numbers, 730 days, 756 posts, 78,999 page views.

It was two years ago today, May 19, 2008, that this olelongrooffan did my first post on this blog. While that post was a relatively simple one, my knowledge of this hosting site has increased exponentially since that one. Kudos to the Bus for his early encouragement.

It has been a fun couple years and I would say that By The Numbers has kept me out of the doldrums, for the most part, and it gives me an outlet for some of the writing creativity I possess.

Some things have changed for me since I started this blog. I have moved from Sl-Ocala to The Birthplace of Speed, Ormond Beach and thoroughly enjoy living a block and a half from the Atlantic Ocean. I owned an entirely different set of automobiles back then than I do now. I now I have not one, but two, new laptops. And the woman this olelongrooffan was dating while I lived in Sl-Ocala has basically dropped off the edge of the earth. But that is okay, a good friend and I recontacted and enjoy each other's, albeit platonic, companionship.

And while some things change, others don't. I still don't have steady, gainful employment but I do meet with Manuel Labor every so often to keep my daughter in a cell phone. I still don't have the funds to get to see her as much as I would like. And, this olelongrooffan still doesn't have a girlfriend because, as my buddy Justin relates, "It's hard to have romance without finance."

But I have this to say about that.

This olelongrooffan is a glass is half full kind of guy and I tend to see the brighter side of life. I believe this olelongrooffan is one fortunate individual.

I mean, even though we have hurricanes and tornadoes down here in The Sunshine State, they, generally, aren't as bad as some might think. This olelongrooffan just tries to stay out of harm's way.

I live near one of my four favorite brothers and we get to do all kinds of cool stuff together.

I live in an automobile centric community and there is always something car related going on.

As has been mentioned, this olelongrooffan tries to stay off the Eisenhower Highway System and, as a result, I come across some fairly interesting, at least to me, stuff.

I also possess a pretty acute sense of observation so this olelongrooffan finds some rare and exotic stuff to share with you Counters Out There.

This olelongrooffan is usually hooked up with some pretty decent access passes to the goings on out at The Daytona International Speedway and I take advantage of that access, whenever possible.

And, if you discount Bike Week, it is a pretty quiet little burg I live in.

And while things could be better in this olelongrooffan's world, I'm not complaining a bit.

Thanks to all You Counters Out There for Counting Along With Me and this olelongrooffan will be back in 2012 for another two year recap of By The Numbers.

See you soon and I hope you continue to, as I do,

Celebrate Life.


Busplunge said...

Thumbs UP!


Deb said...

Congratulations for disproving "The Terrible Twos"! So glad to see a fellow blogger doing well and loving it.

KUdos to you!

kashgar216 said...

Congrats and happy birthday. It is quite a feat to continuously blog for so long. I really admire your spirit and positive vibes. Keep on truckin'!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Love your attitude and your outlook, keep on truckin' It's free to come to O-town have lots of friends here who would love to see you.

Horse-farmer said...

Dang, I still remember when

YOU were in the terrible twos...

616 So. Florence, 65804

I believe was the address.....

Congrats and keep up the good work.

Ken Young said...

only two years!!??? seems like at least THREE!!! Best ot ya!!!!from the Northwoods at the Great Lake Michigan shoreline... Kenman...............................

Christopher said...

You got me beat on this bloggin thing ! Keep up the good work
Just remember every day above ground is a Great Day.

Hope to make it down your direction soon, will give you a ring when the wheels are in motion.

Goldie said...

Way to go! Love your positive outlook on life. Our family has enjoyed our times with you for a LOT of years now.... Come and see us in DC, okay?

Ken Man's Wife, Goldie