Friday, September 11, 2009

Working, Just Working, And Finding the Joy In It

So, as I mentioned, this olelongrooffan got the windows reinstalled in the shiny olestationbus last week, in between thejeepjunkie getting the "7" and his new ride.

So, anyway, the olestationbus has

been getting a real work out as danthecabinetman has hooked this olelongrooffan up with a couple gigs with Manuel Labor.

One of those gigs was tearing up SweetKristine's kitchen. No, not Sweet Kristen (otherwise known as 3b1g...should it be 3b2g now? I know, email addresses are a b*tch to change. But welcome Sadie!!!) or Sweet Kristina (otherwise known as a great friend).

No, it was SweetKristine. A lovely mother of a funny 7 year old daughter and a great old dog, Sadie. All apologies to my grand niece, but as sweet I am sure.

It turns out SweetKristine had contracted with danthecabinetman to install new cabinets in her kitchen and, as a result, contracted with this oleunemployedcontructionworker to get with Manuel Labor and update her kitchen.

You see, back in the '70's, it was common to drop a ceiling in the kitchen down to the top of the perceived cabinet location. Well, here in the double aughts it is common to remove those soffits and install upper cabinets full height up to that 8 foot ceiling.

And for this I am glad as it allows this oleunemployedconstructionworker to have a means to afford my monthly dues in life.

Now if you Counters have looked closely at the above picture, you have noticed that SweetKristine's kitchen ceiling is absolutely, in totally redneck verbage, tore up, not torn up.

Yeah, this olelongrooffan did that with tools having arrived in the toney north Ormond Beach address in the rear end of that 47 year olestationbus that I love to drive.

After all, anyone can head out to Gary Yeoman's Ford dealership and buy a, Clunker induced, 2010 Econoline!

But this blogpost is not about my day with Manuel Labor.

Look closely at the above image.

Don't look at that vintage wallpaper;

Don't look at that newly purchased broom;

Don't look at that plasterboard hanging by chicken wire from the ceiling;

Don't look at all of that blown in insulation this olelongrooffan spent his day picking up;

Don't look at all of the mess I have made of SweetKristine's home;

Look at what is on the Counter of her formerly, and once again soon to be, pristine home.

Yeah, this is it in the following image.

At some point in the history of this home, some construction related hoon decided he, or she, needed, not just a 12 ounce cold beverage emanating from the home of that famous arch, albeit via Jacksonville, but a 16 ounce beverage, just to Celebrate Life.

So now, as those of you Counting Along With Me have, probably realized, my Hurricane Supplies do not include hops but wheat and therefore this tall boy doesn't really figure in my life.

But, I have to say this about that, I knew that old tall boy can had a place on the front porch of the palacial Taj Mahal and had to put it in its place.

But I will share with you Counters, that old can sure jogged the memories of this olelongrooffan of an old photo of my little sister, Joan and I wanted to share this 40 year old picture with you.

And I found many more to be shared in due time.

And finding this old tall boy can, bringing it home, remembering this old photo and allowing me to share it with you helps me to

Celebrate Life.

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Busplunge said...

Daniel and I tore those things out of our kitchen five years ago and out of our bathroom on Tuesday.

Didn't find any tall Buds but I did go up into the attic and sweep all the blown in aside so we wouldn't get an insulation shower!