Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nope, it's not a fordor

Well, as I mentioned, I am relocating from Sl-Ocala, Florida to the Daytona Beach area. While loading some stuff on Casper, yesterday, I was putting the doors for my brother Jim's old Cushman Truckster in the truck. This is the effect the placement of the doors had.

Yep...I am that much of a car fanatic. I'll take a picture of most anything.

Now, the story of why I have a pair of doors from an old Cushman Truckster my brother, 1200 miles away, used to own. This is it.

Jim found these doors on e-bay and they were located in Ormond Beach, home of my brother Ed and his family, and soon, me. Anyway, he called me and asked me to go over and buy them. So, I did. Got them for $100, tried to get Ed

to store them. No luck, his wife would kill him for dragging more stuff home

so I drug them home. When I go up for my Mom's internment this summer, I will bring them up. Tried to get Ed to tie them to the top of his Expedition for that trip but don't see that happening. Guess I'll drop the back seats of the 850 and have my own truckster, if just for that trip.

The table in the Casper shot, to the left of the doors, is going to my brother Tom, sometime in June when I meet him in Destin.

That's it. I have got to get back to packing.

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