Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Trucks That Traveled To The Track

So I have been posting about the sights seen by this olelongrooffan while out at the Daytona International Speedway over Thanksgiving Weekend.

And yes, the alliterations continue.

It's now time for the trucks.

I spotted this cool early 50's Chevy Crew Cab mounted, probably, on a late model one ton chassis. I don't know if Chevy produced this cab at the factory as Ford did for their railroad company customers. But it is pretty nice.

Now, I have had a hard time keeping thejeepjunkie off my laptop so he doesn't get any ideas

about this old Willy's.

And on to the forward control section of this blog.

The owner of this olestationbus wannabe sold it for $4,500. Man, I wish my olestationbus had been working that weekend. I would be driving a Honda or a Chevy II longroof.

This old Type II actually resides here in the Birthplace of Speed just a few blocks from the Taj Mahal.

I had seen it last month in the Owner's driveway and looked it over. Really nice!!

I tried to not include vehicles I had seen last year but this perfect Corvair Stepside was just to pretty to pass up.

And this Jeep CJ8 was absolutely stunning with a 350 under the bonnet.

I first saw this monstrousity from this angle and couldn't figure it out until

I walked around the front and saw this.

That's correct two four door early 50's trucks in the same show on the same day. I like the blue one better.

I really liked this bone*ss stock Ford with a V8 in it. The jacked up Chevy in the background? This is as close to it as I got.

Now this one could be a ragtop or a truck. As it has a bed, this olelongrooffan included it here.

This totally restored Bronco sported on 34,000 original miles. $26K was the asking price.

There was a bunch of people around it all the time so those are the only images I could get of it.

And just for fun, I included this old Dodge D-100. Mid 60's era.

And this big *ss truck.

As I was walking down the midway, I spotted the rear of this old truck and noticed the belly boxes on it. I knew it was something cool so I walked around the front of it. And cool it was.

And a broke in half Hess truck on the $5 table.

I have always liked this body style of Chevy trucks. This Blazer has been pretty heavily modified. I want one bone stock, rust free, and four wheel drive. Well, as Peter DeLorenzo says, "That's a whole lot of"

This one was pretty sweet and complete. I'm pretty sure it is a '41, if this olemind of mine remembers correctly. Maybe a Dodge or Chevrolet. Sorry to let you Counters down on this one.

But I do know this is a Dodge Power Wagon, sans factory bed.

And God forbid thejeepjunkie find this rust bucket!!

thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan found a really nice one of these last fall for $2,000 right here in the Birthplace of Speed and, regretably, passed on it.

But it is memories of that missed purchase and seeing all these old trucks that lets me

Celebrate Life.

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Horse-farmer said...

Danged, I shoudl have brought ole Casper down and sold her at this show....
then we could both be in hot water for buying a tow toy....
like them trucks....
but NO FORDS???????

Bronco was good looking though