Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Seagulls Appealed

So, a short while ago, I received an email from The Internet Czar, Al Gore, mentioning he had received correspondence from The Seagulls concerning some information I had posted on these tubes. Da*n Seagulls, Now the Czar knows where I am.

It appears they felt they were much maligned by the ole longrooffan with my accusing them of

performing these intolerable acts on my oloeragtop. I felt disinclined to believe them and mentioned this in an email response to The Czar.

This is what I received in response.

I guess, without hard evidence to the contrary, I must believe The Seagulls and extend my apologies to those seagulls.

D*mn Egrets!

But, as life is bright for me, at least it is another mystery solved! And every time a mystery is solved, it is just another reason to

Celebrate Life

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Blame it on those poor little seagulls.
Shame Shame