Saturday, May 1, 2010

How Not To Do It

This olelongrooffan spent some time this morning surfing around these tubes and spent a little while on I thought I would share a few of the good ones with you.

No matter what you think, this is not a proper windscreen for your Solara.
Maybe it ran well? Once upon a time!
And, no, that is not a ragtop, it isn't even a convertible, it's topless.
I guess the Post Office is making some serious cut backs.
And while this may be a ragtop, it is not a longroof.
Adding a wood bumper and wood body cladding does not make your car green.
The 10,004th use for duct tape.
Even with three spoilers, it's still an S10, not a Corvette.
And this is not what the Cops mean by Click It or Ticket.
Just a few funny images I thought I would share with you before this olelongrooffan heads to the beach for a couple hours to

Celebrate Life.

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