Friday, January 29, 2010

Sometimes Good Sh*t Just Happens To This olelongroofan

So, Monday morning this olelongrooffan gets a call from thejeepjunkie sounding like he is on his death bed. It appears that he had pinched a muscle in his back and wanted to know if I could get him to a doctor.

You bet, be there in ten.

Got him to that doctor and delivered him safely back to the sungoddess's house, fixed him a sandwich and an icepack and headed back towards the Taj Mahal.

When I left the sungoddess's house, this olelongrooffan could hear the sounds of the Rolex series cars practicing out at the Daytona International Speedway.

And I yearned nostalgic for the good ole days when theracedude was able to get thejeepjunkie, the Kid and this olelongrooffan into that race, with excellent access to just about everywhere.

For free.

Well, I headed back to the Taj Mahal and proceeded to commence looking for any employment and just became more depressed.

This olelongrooffan realized I needed to do something other than just sit around feeling sorry for myself.

I then remembered those folks over at Motorsports Marketing, publishers of Grassroots Motorsports and Classic Motorsports were putting on a gig out at the track.

Last week when I was reorganizing the Taj Mahal, anything this olelongrooffan hadn't seen in a year was going on Craigslist. I sold some camping stuff and some old car parts and made just over a hundred bucks.

This olelongrooffan decided he was going to splurge and spend the $99 to get into the GRM Experience out at the track.

I placed a call to their local offices to purchase a ticket and was, sadly, informed by Scott that event is sold out.


He then suggested I post on their forum of my desire to purchase a ticket on the off chance someone was unable to attend.

He didn't sound very optimistic.

But this olelongrooffan did follow his suggestion.

Lo and Behold, a little later that afternoon, an email arrives from fueltestguy stating that he had an extra ticket that he had purchased for a buddy who, ultimately, was unable to attend. He included his phone number and a call was immediately placed to that Pennsylvania based SCCA racing fuel tester.

We talked for over an hour and during our conversation, he disclosed that he was in email contact with another member about this ticket but had not heard from him in five days. He mentioned that he was going to give the guy until the end of the day on Monday to recontact him and if the dude didn't, the ticket was mine.

Needless to say this olelongrooffan was more nervous than Jimmy Johnson before Homestead last year!!

The next morning I jumped out of bed like a five year old on Christmas morning and checked my email.

There was one from the fueltestguy and I opened it with much appehension.

Seems the dude did not contact the fueltestguy and the ticket was mine!!

The fueltestdude was flying into the airport down in MickeyMouseLand on Wednesday and would give me a call when he got to his hotel.

Not only that, his hotel is just two blocks from the Taj Mahal.

This olelongrooffan was on pins and needles all day long on Wednesday waiting for that much desired phone call.

Just after Happy Hour started, a call arrives from the the fueltestguy to come get my ticket.

thejeepjunkie tosses the key to his new ride and tells me to go get it and, oh yeah, on the way back pick up some shop supplies.

And I do.

The fueltestguy was waiting for me in the parking lot of that hotel and we commenced to chatting it up.

He mentioned he was surprised I didn't drive my olestationbus. I commented I wanted to get there as soon as I could before he changed his mind! He just started laughing.

This is the prize I was searching like Indiana Jones for. A ticket to the hottest show in town. All four days and access to everywhere but the hot pits.

When the issue of the ticket came up, the fueltestguy pulled it out of an envelope and handed it to this olelongrooffan.

He mentioned he only received one parking pass and but he was keeping it though.

I was reaching for my wallet when he stopped me and says,

"I was talking with Todd (the original ticket holder) and we agreed, based on what is happening in your life right now, that we were going to give you this ticket for a much needed break from your life's reality.

I tried to protest but he wouldn't hear of it.

"Just drive that olestationbus out there so I can see it".

Much like this event, this olelongrooffan was floored.

It is all about karma and I guess this olelongrooffan has some, at times.

So on Thursday, the first day of this event, I drove on out to the track and when I pulled up to the entrance for access to the infield, I showed my ticket to the sweety working admissions and mentioned I would like to purchase a pass to drive into the infield.

She said, "Honey, that pass gets you and this cool old van in at no extra charge!

Hot D*mn!

So this olelongrooffan pulled my olestationbus through that tunnel that is as old as I am and drove right into the infield.

I headed over to the site of the GRM Experience and asked the sweet young thing if there were any parking passes left.

She mentioned the parking pass Queen was out getting some lunch and to check back later.

Well, this olelongrooffan headed out and about to see what was happening and checked back in later.

And I did and it is my great fortune I was able

to affix this highly desirable sticker on the windshield of my olestationbus, gratis!

And here is the olestationbus in that coordined off reserved parking area.

See that Budweiser chair next to my newlaptop?

This olelongrooffan is sitting in it at this very moment with fingers to the keyboard sharing my, surprising, good fortune with you.

Plus, it is around 70 degrees and mostly sunny down here at the Home Of The World's Most Famous Beach.

In other words, a great day for racing for both spectators and drivers.

And, finally, here is a brief video of the Koni Challenge cars in their race a bit earlier today.

And, Counters, it is this cool kind of sh*t happening to me that allows me to

Celebrate Life.


Horse-farmer said...

Walk thru s**t and come out smelling like a rose.

Glad it's 70 done there, 7 up here, 6 inches of white stuff that ain't sand on the ground

Dang it's cold.

have fun all week.

jesse said...

So glad that the ticket and parking worked out for you Jon... keep celebrating while I go on through your posts... and the stationbus is looking good!