Friday, January 15, 2010

So, Let's Say You

are out at the Turkey Rod Run festivities at the Daytona International Speedway in search of a means of transportation.

Not one of the thousands of vehicles in the Car Corral are of interest to you. No, you want something entirely different than every other four wheeled means of transport that you see.

I mean you don't want a 55 Chevy 2 door post, a mid 90's El Dorado, a 61 Caddy Coupe, a mid 50's Chevy Panel Van, a 50 ford, whether a real ragtop or a fake coupe. Not even a 4 wheel drive bright yellow el camino!!

Well, the only choice is to head over to the swap meet and see what we can hoon up for ya.

Maybe you are interested in this hooned out race car.

Nah, that is way to easy. Let's see what else we can stir up.
First, grab that parts hauler Zapcar truck.

and one of those $40 tool boxes

and head on out.

Now, with the mirade of parts to be found around these here parts on Thanksgiving weekend, there is no telling what we might be able find for you to build your dream car.

It would be really nice to start with a rolling chassis.

and to find a front clip and hood right off the bat is excellent.

Just need to make sure we grab you a transmission or two.

and, of course, we can use a steering wheel and rear fenders. Might as well grab that nitrous set up also. You never know.

And a gas pump just for good measure.

We could pick up that floor pan leaning up against that far saw horse and the heads on the tabletop. But while we are here, let's go ahead and grab a leaf blower or two. And that marine gas can? We will just have to remember its location.

We will also need an exhaust system, header and wheel covers.

and while we are at it, let's go ahead and pick up a chain saw or two.

Well, while we are at it, we need a weed eater also. And what the h*ll, we can always use an extra set of golf clubs.

Wait, maybe I am mistaken. You really don't want a four wheeled means of conveyance, you might just be interested in something other than a car or a truck.

Maybe a bicycle is more in your budget. A used one at that.

Or maybe one of these highly desirable ones dating from the mid 60's. $750 a piece today.

Maybe it is motorcycles like this dirt bike and the mini-mini bike that hold your interest.

Or maybe a $90,000 chopper. Not a motorcycle fan? Maybe a big boat instead?

or a not so big one with plenty of water tubing accessories.

Still not sure of what you want to get to take back to the farm?

How about some slightly used cowboy boots and cowboy hats? You could pick up that drum to the right to serenade your livestock when you get home.

and pick up that WWF literature to read on the long drive home.

Me, this olelongrooffan will just keep an eye out for cool, old, original stuff.

And it is rambling on about this cr*p that helps me

Celebrate Life.

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