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Friday, March 12

As this olelongrooffan mentioned here, posting images to By The Numbers was not possible due to antiqated software.

Well, Counters, that has been resolved and the next few blogs are about what this olelongrooffan was up to the weekend of March 12, 2010.

I had previously made arrangements to head down to MickeyMouseLand on Friday and spend a couple days with my friend Kris.

About 10:30 that Friday morning, the massive phone system in the Taj Mahal lights up and it is thejeepjunkie on that cellular device.

"What's up, jeepjunkie?"

"I need you to find a wheel

for a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclypse Spider. A 17" one."


Now this olelongrooffan is certain you Counters out there are wondering why this blogger needs to find this wheel and why thejeepjunkie doesn't just get on that Goodyear phone system and call up the place that wouldn't hire me and get one.

Well, Counters, it's like this.

Earlier in the week a friend of mine, The Daughter, who is extremely underemployed, but has a job, called this olelongrooffan and mentioned her car was making a funny noise.

When I asked her what it sounded like, she replied "It sounds like my left front tire is falling off".

Rethinking my question, I asked her to replicate the sound. "It sounds click-click-click."

I told her I would get right back to her and called thejeepjunkie to discuss. We both agreed it was probably the Constant Velocity Joint requesting a replacement as that one was just plumb wore out. I inquired about the cost and he said it would be less than two hundred bucks.

I related this information to The Daughter and she asked when she could bring it in to thejeepjunkie's shop. I gave her thejeepjunkie's number to the phone he hangs on his belt and stepped out of that transaction.

So, anyway, thejeepjunkie's dudes diagnosed that noise to be loose lug nuts on the driver's side front wheel and the wheel was falling off! Something The Daughter promptly reminded this embarrassed olelongrooffan of the next time we spoke.

As that wheel was ruint, I was dispatched to find one.

thejeepjunkie had, in fact, called up the place that wouldn't hire me and they quoted a $246.00 price tag and they could have it the following Friday, a week later. So I called up a couple local junkyards and the closest one was in Macon, Georgia.

So this olelongrooffan set off for my favorite U-Pull-It out on International Speedway Boulevard and searched high and low for that rare, elusive wheel.

No luck.

I returned that wheel to thejeepjunkie's shop and he and I mulled it over.

I called that junkyard up in Macon and after a Deliverance accent sounding dude went out to check on the availability of that wheel, he returned and said, "We ain't got it no more."

Thanks, Hillbilly.

Told this to thejeepjunkie and he said to go to everyone's new favorite website and see what this olelongrooffan could find.

Again, No Luck.

I then checked in on the largest auction site in the world and found one for a Buy It Now price of $116 and it is brand new. I bought that sucker right then and there and it came in on the following Wednesday during Happy Hour.

Oh Yeah, it was brand new and the total cost to The Daughter for that wheel was $143.00!!

I Love ebay and now The Daughter does too!

So, now here it was after 2 on that Friday afternoon and this olelongrooffan had not even packed a bag yet, much less pick up the items on the dinner menu I was preparing for Kris and me.

I had hoped to get down to MickeyMouseLand in the early afternoon to check out a couple car places to see if I could find a What I Saw Today prospect.

After a rain soaking, traffic racing, scary at times drive down the Eisenhour Interstate System number 4, this olelongrooffan got to Kris's condo about 4:30 and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

After relaxing a few minutes and chatting it up with Kris and her grown son, a former Army Dude, thanks Ben, Kris and I headed out to, belatedly, pick up the necessary items for dinner.

Got over to the store BBB protects, got the stuff and headed on back to the hacienda.

I made us up some Lemondrop Martinis and commenced to getting dinner together.

We chatted it up about the itinerary I had proposed and had a big laugh about it.

I describe the itenary in this email which I have posted below:

Well, apparently this olelongrooffan does not have that talent. Sorry about that, Counters.

Anyway, this olelongrooffan proposed that instead of coming on Friday, I would come in on Thursday and instead of going to that Art Show in Baldwin Park and the car show in Lake Mary on Saturday, we would go to this and spend all three days there from 7am to 6pm.

We laughed our *sses off. Well maybe a couple martinis makes it funnier.

After settling down, Kris broke out her fancy dancy new camera and commenced to recording images of this olelongrooffan preparing that meal.

Usually on By The Numbers, this olelongrooffan, much like TheGentleManFarmer, is behind the camera capturing the images so it is kinda fun to see my image on this blog.

And, yes, that is one of the much celebrated Celebrate Life magnets on her fridge.

She got some images that this olelongrooffan found pretty artistic. No, not the ones with my likeness in them.

Yeah, that Sauvignon Blanc from the Jackie Vineyards is excellent with shrimp and asparagus.

I coated the asparagus with a horseradish and butter mixture and it was excellent!

Scary I know but this olelongrooffan had to include it.

The salad was field greens, red and white grapes, mixed pieces of nuts, gorgonzola cheese and garnished with Ken's Vidallia Onion dressing. Delicious!

Kris got a shot of the shrimp just after I put it in the pan and this olelongrooffan thinks it turned out pretty cool.

You can find the shrimp menu here.

Although this olelongrooffan substituted angel hair pasta garnished with pesto sauce for the Orzo.

All in all, it was a great meal and a fine evening.

And by being with a good friend and having a great time, we both were able to

Celebrate Life.

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