Saturday, May 22, 2010

What I Saw Today

Live and in person, a one family owned 1967 Mini Moke!! That's right Counters. I spotted this example on Saturday located next door to TheGoodAttorney's home here in The Birthplace of Speed.

It seems to this olelongrooffan that I had seen a write up somewhere on these tubes recently about a Mini Moke but when I saw this one in person, I just had to share it with you. This is a 1967 Mini Moke with 37, 243 original miles on it. I spoke with the owner who inherited it from his late father. His dad purchased it new in 1967 and it has been in his family ever since.
Apparently, his dad was a fellow Hoon. In 1949, he imported an early MG and father and son met it at the docks in New York City to take delivery of it. The owner mentioned his dad, much like TheGentlemanFarmer, also owned some off the wall stuff including a Citroen of the DS variety, a VW microbus and an early Austin Healey.
The interior of these cool ole beach buggies are pretty spartan but this one is in fantastic shape with not a bit of rust showing.
The original top, however, has definitely seen better days as the rear window is torn and the grommets holding the top to the frame are a bit stretched.
All in all, though, it is a cool old time machine and would definitely fit in this olelongrooffan's livery.

Anyway, that's it. I just wanted to share this with those of you Counting Along With Me and hope you enjoy it.

By the way, asking price is $12,500. Ouch!

But know this, seeing this rare old buggy sure helped me to

Celebrate Life.

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theKID said...

hey longroof, it has been awhile, i saw this "jeep Mut" look alike the day i was cleaning the gutters for Skow. it is pretty sweet. i almost called you that day too.