Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let's Start With The Longroofs

Well Counters, I am happy to have gotten my olestationbus up and running again. Since that stress is off my shoulders, I thought I would post some images of the cool stuff I took at this year's Turkey Rod Run.

Out at the Daytona International Speedway is where I spent all day on Saturday just walking around checking out some cool old stuff.

This is pretty cool looking old Chevy woodie. I believe it to be a 52 but not 100% certain. Even with the aftermarket wheels, it looks pretty sweet.

This old Pontiac was completely restored and had faux painted on wood to make it woody style. The dude was asking $42,000 for it.

I saw this nice old second generation Falcon out in the Car Corral. $8,500. Meh

Now this one is pretty cool also. Bone*ssed stock 1973 Impala with plastic wood on it. 67,000 original miles. $6,000. I would take this one home with me, jeepjunkie be d*mned.

This was a pretty nice MOPAR. Forgot the asking price and what's with the surfboards on all these old wagons? At least it's a longboard on that longroof.

This Chevy II Nova wagon, with a 350 and a 4 speed was going for $3,000. That, Counters, is a h*llova deal. Ah the toy budget is not that big this year.

Even this later model LTD wagon is pretty cool, although thejeepjunkie would never let me have one.

The paint job on this 56 BowTie Sedan Delivery was impeccable!

And this fully restored 57 Nomad was even nicer. Full restored and bone stock! Nice!!

Another old Chevy, this one with a surfboard.

In the show car area, located where the race car drivers park their motorcoaches I spotted another Bow Tie Sedan Delivery, this time it's a '58.

And this much desired Chevy II, only I bet this would go for alot more than $3K.

As I was leaving, I spotted this Accord wagon parked next to my oleragtop.

It had 160K on the clock. thejeepjunkie had a sedan that last 220K and it is kicking.

The paint was as nice as the interior. And, only $1,900!! Dang.

Well, that's it for today's installment of the images from the Turkey Rod Run.

And know by seeing all these cool longroofs, I am able to

Celebrate Life.

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