Friday, January 2, 2009

Karma, It's All About Karma

I am glad I am a glass half full kind of person!

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, one of the casualties of the Games Rednecks Play was the display on my cell phone. You can see it below. That is not a screen saver, those dark items on that display are the shattered inards of that phone.

So, I head over to Metro PCS, but first I stop by thejeepjunkie's shop and get to meet a couple, Mona and Red, friends of his whom he has spoken of previously. They are a fun couple, drive a United Van Lines semi and Mona is a hoot. They want me to ebay some stuff for them so we are hooking up on Sunday for me to get it.

While I was there, this dude drives up in a Daytona Toyota parts runner. thejeepjunkie goes over and turns out they were clearing out their warehouse and did he want to buy a couple brand new rims for a Tundra or Sequoia? thejeepjunkie motions me over and asked my opinion. Hell yeah dude, I'll ebay them. We picked them up cheap and, if interested, you can see them here and click on my other items.

So I headed off to Metro PCS with my Nextel phone in hand.

On the way, I saw this sign and had to whip a Ueee and get a shot of it.

I'm wondering if you can get a pet deep fried or do they only bake them?

Oh well, I know.

So I get to the phone store and finally got to speak with one of the reps. I showed her the phone and she said it is shot. I then ask her to "flash" my Nextel to their system. It turns out that Metro PCS's system doesn't work on a phone with a "sim" card, which my Nextel has. I ask her the price of a new phone identical to mine. $97.00 was her response. I mentioned I had bought my broken phone two weeks earlier for $79.00. She said Oh, we'll sell you another at that price. All the while, I am questioning my decision to switch to Metro PCS. I mean that is just cruel. I told her I would probably go out to the flea market and pick one up Cell Phone John's. She then mentions there would be a $47.00 charge to "flash" it.

By now, I am inwardly fuming. Almost every time I deal with a cell phone provider, I feel like I am getting raped. So I head back to thejeepjunkie's shop to get some cash from a special account he has. On the way, I am doing the math and realize it would be cheaper to just buy the phone from Metro PCS and be done with it.

So I get that cash and head back over there. I am at the counter explaining to a different customer service rep my story and, lo and behold, the dude at the next rep in line sets a phone identical to my broken phone on my counter. "Here, take this one. I am upgrading all of my family's phones and they won't take this as a trade in." I look over and he has 5 or 6 more cell phones right in front of him. "Thanks, dude." I hand my new used cell phone to that rep and ask her to program it for my number and she does. No Charge! I offer the friendly dude $20 and he refuses. "Happy New Year," he says. I pat him on the back on the way out and thanked him, once again.

Metro PCS= loser
Good Deed Dude=winner
Longrooffan=$79.00 richer.

So head off back to the Taj Mahal to put those rims on ebay. Along the way, I got onto my free beach and drove on up.

On the way, I stopped to watch a wind surfer, as pictured in my previous post, and got stuck. This time I didn't try and get out before I dug out from behind the rear wheels. As I was finishing up a dude comes up and says, "Get in and I'll give you a push." I do and got right out!

Beach Pushing Dude=Winner
Longrooffan=Saved from further embarrassment from thejeepjunkie.

So I got home and checked my email for phone number updates and programed them into my new used cell phone.

And tonite, thejeepjunkie and The Good Attorney stop by the Taj Mahal for Happy Hour. The Good Attorney gives me a check for a cool grand and says let's get started on remodeling my kitchen.

As I said, it is great being a glass half full kind of person and I am looking forward to 2009. So far it has been great and tomorrow the Kid and I are going here. Stay tuned Counters.


d5thouta5 said...

as Monna must have had collard greens for newsyears dinner.....good things happen when you do.....good deal on he phone and there ya go....let you know on the jeep in a field tomoorow....

Busplunge said...

Karma, Earl says it's all about Karma.

Good things happen to good people.

Yesterday and Friday everything I worked on worked right the first time.

NOw, I am going to sweep the kitchen floor, mop it and vacuum the living room and clean the table tops.

Celebrate Life.

PS, saw a photo in memory book of a door with celebrate life sticker on it from the early 1965?