Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Few Hours With thejeepjunkie

I am remodeling TheGoodAttorney's kitchen and in the process rearranged some cabinets. This resulted in the necessity of installing some additional floor tile for which I enlisted thejeepjunkie's assistance. He is the Mack Daddy of tile installs while I am merely The Handyman.

Yesterday, after his stint at his real job, he buzzed by the project and made short order of installing that tile. I really think it was the prep work performed by the olelongrooffan, but that is another matter.

We finished up about Japanese dental appointment time, you know 2:30. Yeah, sorry about that.

I asked thejeepjunkie what he was up to now as his family was over in Slocala for the Kid's sister's softball game for the day.

'Gonna get the Kid's Jeep and take a ride on the Beach. Wanna come along?'

Can ya guess what my answer was?

So anyway, we get down on that beach and stop to watch this black pickup pull that ole T-Bird out of the soft sand we have in these here parts these days. After that dude's tow strap broke twice, thejeepjunkie says 'I can't sit here and watch this anymore' and proceeds to hook that ole CJ5 to the embarrassed little girl's car.

He yanked on it a couple times but that ole CJ wasn't big enough to easily pull that, buried to the frame, tank out. We then heard the toot of an air horn. The Beach Patrol had the same feelings as thejeepjunkie and had come down in their big*ssed 4wd and pulled that car out.

As a sidenote, know the olelongrooffan did his job and got it all on video, however, I cannot seem to load it onto any website and I tried several! Just know it was fun.

That ole CJ5 sure got a lot of looks from those beachgoers. One kid recognized it and asked where the Kid was.

So, today, it was time to install the grout in that newly installed tile. After that was done, thejeepjunkie mentioned the Kid was playing in a baseball game over on Nova Road.

Yeah, you know it had to be car related didn't ya?

I asked if I could tag along and he replies in the affirmative.

Now, if you remember this, I figured I would get a blog out of it. Well, on the way, I stopped for some relatively cheap petrol for the oleragtop and was back on my way to view the festivities when thejeepjunkie called and directed me where to park.

So I did and headed off to where thejeepjunkie was watching that game under that shade tree out in left field.

Well, as it turns out, this was not the same atmosphere as the Kid's sister's game but was a bunch of high schoolers gathered for a Sunday afternoon game of sand lot baseball. One of their buddy's was the only umpire and while they argued some of his calls, they always soon got back to the business of baseball.

This is an image of the Kid fielding second base and his CJ5 just on the other side of that right field fence.

thejeepjunkie was sure proud of the Kid. While we were watching, we saw him bunt his way on base and proceeded to steal his way around the diamond and finally stole home! I am sure TheGentlemanFarmer was watching, with pride, his grandson on that field today.

Athletic ability sure runs strong in thejeepjunkie's family. They all have it.

So anyway, thejeepjunkie heads over to those nearby woods to talk to Mother Nature and comes back with three baseballs he found abandoned over there. He presented those to the Kid when he arrived home about a 1/2 hour later.

And it is spending time working and playing with thejeepjunkie that allows me to stay positive and

Celebrate Life.

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Horse-farmer said...

All heck, I was thinking about going to the Cardinals game today, but instead finished discing and seeding and rolling the Barngoddess's back field where she had her bulldozer friend play around.
Didn't get picture one, my Noble Assistant is home trying to get all her school work for the next two weeks done so she can go to a horse show.
Glad you enjoyed the game and beach ride.
Bet my little bronc would have pulled that TBird out (or got buried up to it's axles trying)