Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yeah, We Had A Storm Saturday

So last evening I was sitting in the massive living room of the Taj Mahal, reading this and listening to my super impressive stereo system and they interrupt my tunes with the squawk from the National Weather Service denoting a tornado warning just a few miles north of the Birthplace of Speed.

So I head out to check out the sky to the north and man was it chaos.

I got a couple images of the storm as it was moving in. Yeah, I had to include a shot of the olestationbus and the oleragtop out in front of the Taj Mahal.

I then shot a couple videos, each less than a minute long.

The above video doesn't really do the clouds justice. But, Man, it was windy. While I was shooting this, the temperature dropped 5-10 degrees. It was a bit scary.

I headed back in just barely avoiding becoming drenched. When I was shooting the second video, you can't really tell but the rain falling was nearly horizontal!! And how about that lightning and clap of thunder about 1/2 way through!!

And it is surviving a storm like this that lets me

Celebrate Life.


dirtsister said...

Ok, I thought you were wearing one of those umbrella hats when I first saw the pix on the CDM blawg.

The day tripper said...

Wow! Impressive storm you had there. Saw on the weather channel where you guys got slammed.

I miss the beach already. But I've got a crap load of shells to remind me what an great day I had! ;-)

The day tripper said...

and by the way, I nudged ya on twitter!

Anonymous said...

Oh cool!