Monday, March 2, 2009

An oledeliveryvan

So those of you who have been Counting Along With Me know I have a fantastic friend down in Fantasy Land, for whom I will do most anything for. So, anyway, last week Carri called me and mentioned she was in the market for a small frig for beverages and what did I suggest she get.

Well, I mentioned to her I had acquired a U-Line two drawer undercounter refrigerator and, as I was unable to liquidate it, she was welcome to it. You see, this thing is worth around $1,200 new, know Counters I paid nothing even close to that for it, and it would fit right in with Carri's undersized, yet over stuffed, side by side Whirlpool. It is a sweet high end appliance, about the size of a built in dishwasher, black on the outside with 2 stainless steel drawers and digital controls. Sweet. Even thesungoddess thought so. When we got to talking about it, she indicated she would trade a pool table light an old boyfriend had gotten her as she didn't need it anymore since she had gotten rid of that pool table, and boyfriend, years ago.

So I told her it was a deal and would get it to her.

As I needed a break from bike week and the day in day out of hanging around the Taj Mahal, I decided to take a therapy break and head down to see that sweety.

I have to tell you, the whole way down, I was looking for blog stuff and just didn't see a whole lot. Of course, the Airstream Ranch that I had seen last summer On The Road, By The Numbers; I also spotted an old Ford Torino Squire Long Roof on a trailer behind a motor home and while it is an extremely desirable, rare longroof, I just didn't get a photo of it as I was traveling on Eisenhour's Defense Highway but that was about it.

Not an extremely exciting cruise, or maybe it was just my state of mind. I had gotten a late start, traffic is a conjestion nightmare, the weather, while sunny, required the use of neck scarf, and just plain old trying to figure out this life I am living. Scattered thoughts all over the place!!

Well, I did arrive and got settled in with Carri and her roommate and once the puppy was reaccustomed to his Uncle, all was well.

So a day or two ago, I was out doing a drive about down here in Fantasy Land and you remember my oleragtop, don't ya?

Well, out and about just reminising about my ole hometown, I decided I would document the oleragtops I saw that day. Remember this is oleragtop documentation. I could have gone over to the Porsche, Jaguar, Lamborghini or Rolls Royce dealers and gotten a bunch of new stuff but, h*ll, those things are everywhere, aren't they?

So anyway, I spotted this white oleragtop that could actually be owned by me. White, '87, 120K on the odometer, leather, slightly faded tan top, tan leather and the highly desirable 5 speed. On sale for $4,775.00. I am into my current oleragtop for a net of about $1,300 so I am happy.

And just for the Kid and thejeepjunkie. And jeepjunkie, what is the secret about yet another CJ2A you need me to get back to the Birthplace of Speed to find out about?

I also spotted this cool, late 40's/early 50's Chrysler Town and Country Woodie. Loved the wide white, mile long hood and the full width grill. Still had a split windshield, I am pretty sure that would put it in the late 40's.

The wood work on this oleragtop had to be, at least second generation. Even with shrinkage and aging, this oleunemployedconstructionworker can provide better quality control than seen


And of course, Chrysler's attempt at a "woodie" in the 80's. Only 3,333 made!!! There is a reason for those lower production numbers. Who would buy one?

And this Buick Riviera rag top. An extremely limited production number drop top. Showing 34,xxx miles and the maroon interior looked it. Beautiful piece priced at $9,995.00. I tried to buy the Cadillac version of this drop top back in the early 90's. Of course, thejeepjunkie never did approve that acquisition!!

And, of course, the obligitory Corvette. Aftermarket wheels, fading paint and weak top. Still at $18.500.00.

And while this one is on the fringe of oleragtop status, I still lust after this Jaguar, Lucas electronics be d*mned!!

Oh, and for the socially motivated, this mini people mover...

and, hey horsefarmer, only $16,995.00.

Check out this Cadillac Drop Top.

Absolutely huge, red and gorgeous.

In this shot, I am trying to emulate justacarguy. I didn't succeed though. Man, that dude finds some sweet stuff!!

That dash is metal and chrome. This one showed 63,xxx with a two speed automatic and no park. Just make sure that dash mounted parking brake, just to the left of the steering wheel, is set.

Another view of this beauty.

Some 20 years later, this is the same company's offering. Respectfully, the top is up and the color is just not as flashy, ya know what, I would take either one. Both represented the ultimate in American mass produced luxury, but I think the red one has more durability.

But I would trade them both for this 230S.

Theoretically, this was the first muscle car. Well, over at CarDomain they are doing a whole series about muscle cars and it is worth checking out. Nary a Mustang or GTO in sight!! Love it.

And this thing? It is a C5 Corvette chassis with a mid 60's Stingray body custom built to fit it. Looked good from...well it really didn't....I am sure there is a website out there somewhere, just wasn't worth searching for me...

See what I mean? This is a whole lot cooler, at least in my book.

Now, as you may remember, I acquired the olestationbus this past summer, just to use for fun trips. Normally, this would be a trip that would be nominated for the olestationbus. However, I just wasn't up to the drive that olestationbus would involve, even if it meant getting that high end free fridge to my good friend.

Conundrums, conundrums....

Then I remembered, I can always drop the top on this oleragtop and carry, h*ll even a refrigerator in the back seat, so, that is what I did.

So, now I have the olestationbus, theoleragtop, and the oledeliveryvan.

And, Counters, it is realizing cr*p like this that allows me to

Celebrate Life.

thanks to UHaul for the stolen moving blanket, the Kid and thejeepjunkie for help in loading this puppy scratch that, down into the oleragtop.


Horse-farmer said...

Don't forget to come this way so we can add

Olemanurespreader to that list

good blog, keep the faith, naw, just have another lite

Lil Jim said...

Shrinkage and old age, what more can I say... This is a in reply to your thoughts on woodwork...wait, this is a slippery slope

longrooffan said...

Of course, I forgot to mention that several of my recent vehicles have lived a double life. Remember that 850truckster wannabe and these days, the olestationbus doubles as a mobile Willys Jeep parts storage unit.

Horse-farmer said...

gotta love a guy with a traveling parts store, reminds me of one the Gentleman Farmer was checking out one day,,,,,

I'll blog about it...


jesse said...

Thanks for the compliment Jon!