Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gotta Love FoMoCo

So, last year this olelongrooffan was out at the Turkey Rod Run looking for some chrome hubcaps for my olestationbus and I came across this ole full blown wheel cover that was standard

equipment on a, probably, 50's era Mercury as is evidenced by the imprint of the Greek god, Mercury in the center of this wheel cover.

I thought it was pretty cool and went over to examine it. The owner of the booth told me that I was the first person who had picked it up and looked at it in the numerous shows he had done since he acquired it.

When I inquired about the price of it he asked me if I had an old Merc.

No sir, I was thinking of it as wall art.

He told me it was free to me and to put it in my free Hagerty's tote bag.

Well Counters, you know what I did. Well worth the $10 price of admission.

Thanks again, Sir.

So, today, this olelongrooffan was down at thejeepjunkie's shop to take a look at another cool old car he was having fun with.

While I was there, I saw the now obsolete Mercury Marauder and as slow Mike was examining this Muscle Car, I spotted this

on the center cap of that sweet sedan.

And, Counters, while I am sorry about the clarity my old, cheap Polaroid provides in the above image,

by seeing this and doing the association of those memories, I am still able to

Celebrate Life.

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VC said...

My wife's first car was a 64 Mercury Comet. It had a 260 and was unstoppable. I miss that car.