Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Birthplace Of Speed Celebration At The Beach

So, after a series of eventful days filled with chasing cars parts, a fantastic shrimp dinner, a day with a good friend and another day in which this olelongrooffan was able to assist thejeepjunkie in a recovery effort, this olelongrooffan spent Monday, March 15, 2010, negotiating a truce between blogspot and Sprint over my ability to post images to By The Numbers.

Plus spent a few hours surfing these tubes to try and find gainful employment.

However, while out and about on the tubes this olelongrooffan did find something fun to do on Tuesday.

I am sure you Counters out there are wondering how you can have fun on a Tuesday.

In the words of The Great One, "Well I did."

Now Counters, this olelongrooffan has often referred to the fact that I reside in the Birthplace Of Speed and love it.

While out there in the world of these tubes that I seem to live in these days, this olelongroofan became aware of this event that to happen on Tuesday, March 16, 2010.

So, of course you know I had to scamper on down to the closest beach access to my beach from the Taj Mahal, yeah, Cardinal Street, and check out all the cool stuff to be seen that day.

Now, there were quite a few folks down there on that mid 60's temperature, wind blowing out of the north kind of day so some of the images have a bunch of people around the cars so, when this olelongrooffan walked by I just grabbed a shot of some of the car, only to come back later and find it available for a full on shot.

The lead car in that southward facing bunch was a 1906 Fiat. I listened as the Ormond Beach city employee was describing the car. It was a trophy winner at the Amelia Island Concours d' Elegance earlier this month.

It was chain driven and a real

nice work of Art in Automotive History.

I seem to remember it won a major Grand Prix race back in its day but it escapes the mind of this olelongrooffan at this moment and no amount of googling is able to locate that fact.

But for an Amelia Island award winning Owner to bring his priceless classic to my beach, this olelongrooffan can only offer a heart felt "Thank You, I Appreciate It."

And just walking northward along the beach

I encountered a bunch of nameless old open fender cars to share with you Counters.

This olelongrooffan did try to get all artsy fartsy so you Counters out there can see

some of the unique parts of these classic beauties.

Not one, not two, but three spares! Ahhh, I bet it was a challenge driving back in those days.

There was a unique variation of vehicles on the beach that windy day.

And the dude in the image below, I can, unequivocally, state the shirtless, flip-flop wearing dude checking out that Model A is not from around these parts, at least not on a permanent basis. Now, I know you Counters out there are wondering how this olelongrooffan can make such a pompous

comment? Well look at everyone else in that image. Yeah, sweat shirts, jackets and jeans were the norm. We know when it is cold in these here parts.

But I have this to say about that, cold or not, it was nice that day on the Beach.

And, again, with the influence of that artsy fartsy friend of mine, this olelongrooffan got this image of the old style engine crank

and this one of the brass headlight on that crank bearing automobile.

That trusty ole Polaroid ain't so bad. Thanks again Bus.

And then I spotted this cool ole themed Buick.

It was in original condition and had an excellent patina.

And the top was held together, NASCAR style. Yeah, black duct tape.

It is a veteran of at least one Birthplace of Speed Celebration.

It sported real wood wheels.

This is a pristine full restored Model T.

And a newer roadster.

This brilliant yellow and glossy black rumble seat equipped roadster was especially nice.


The racecar sported a bright purple paint job.

I thought this shorty roadster was quite unique.

This is the boattail of the purple roadster shown a couple of images previously.

Another Model A rumble seat equipped roadster. This one is beige and brown.

The interior was pristine.

And, once again, going all artsy fartsy, this olelongrooffan got a shot of the step on the rear fender to use to get into the rumble seat.

And again, following with the mirror theme.

All in all, a great turnout on a windy, chilly day. That tower to the right is the Beach Patrol's lifeguard tower at Cardinal Street and the Beach.

The dude partially shown to the right is a photographer for the Daytona Beach News Journal. His version of this image showed up in Wednesday's edition.

This Ormond Beach employed dude is hold a dash plaque from the first Birthplace of Speed Celebration in 1959.

As this olelongrooffan noticed, as I was walking back to my olestationbus, while I was on that beach in jeans and a sweatshirt, it is still Spring Break and suntans to many others.

Or maybe a pick up game of football.

Or just fishing in the surf.

But know this Counters, everyone on that beach that day, including this olelongrooffan, was able to

Celebrate Life.

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