Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What I Saw Today

If you have been Counting Along With Me, you will remember, earlier this year, I just couldn't pass up a $50 Polaroid Digital Camera. The zoom on my old Sony was shot so I couldn't get close up images and several images I took were just to far away to be effective for the point I was trying to make. I passed along my old Sony to thejeepjunkie to keep in his car or the Kid's CJ to capture an image or two when the opportunity presents itself.

As the connections to hook up that Sony and the Polaroid to a computer are the same, I did not need to buy another cord. And, of course, the connections are different from the Sungoddess's fancy digital camera. So, whenever thejeepjunkie gets a shot of something, he heads over to the Taj Mahal to download it.

So last evening was the first time the Kid got to drive to basketball practice, as he got his driver's license the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. As an aside, the first car he drove by himself was my newoleragtop to shuttle the olestationbus down to Belair Plaza. Anyway, the Sungoddess was pretty worried about the Kid getting mugged after practice while driving in the old CJ5. Yeah, as if anyone is going to mess with the Kid!! But the jeepjunkie, as he always does, attempted to make the Sungoddess happy and came over Beachside to shadow the Kid home.

On his way over this way, he called and asked if he could hang out for awhile till the Kid's practice was over. Of course, my response was positive. He showed up with his prerequisite friends Bud, Lite and we sat down and chatted.

Then he jumps up, runs out to his car and brings back in that old Sony of mine. He mentions he saw my next car today and managed to get a shot of that rare orphan.

So I downloaded that image and just about laughed my ass off when I saw it.

Yep, it is that rare old car known as an Oldsamino.

For those of you unfamilar with an "amino", both Ford and GM made a combination car/truck for a number of years. The Ford was called a Ranchero and the GM products, well the Chevy anyway, was called El Camino. Nowadays, anything that is a car/truck combination gets the first part of the original car's name and it ends with "amino", hence Oldsamino.

The following image is one I took a few years ago at the Rod Run. It is a real 61 El Camino.

The remaining "aminos" I got from Jalopnik. This one is also a real El Camino, a 70 Super Sport.

The following images are "one offs" based on a passenger car.

A Rollsamino of undermined year.

A Crosamino of the middle part of the last century.

And, finally, a Vettamino, based on a C-5 of the early 90's.

So, now I know you are asking yourself 'what does thejeepjunkie's sighting of this Oldsamino have to do with What I Saw Today?'

Be patient you Counters, good things come to those who wait.

Today, I spotted a Jagamino.

I was tooling on down to thejeepjunkie's shop to return the Sony he left at the Taj Mahal and stumbled upon this one off old cat.

At first, I thought some hoon had grafted 57 Chevy fender on the rear of this Jag.

But upon further inspection, I realized I got to see my first Jagamino and was thrilled about it.

For such a hooned out car/truck, it didn't look all that bad.

The quality was pretty good, notwithstanding the rust line running down from the drip edge.

And the diamond plate bed was blinding in today's Florida sun.

Yeah I know, I am proud of the fact that I stumble upon some of the weirdest stuff around these here parts.

And, No, I am not going to stop looking either.

And that is What I Saw Today.


dirtsister said...

Don't laugh, but I do love the Amino look. Maybe cuz my first love drove a Ranchero. Rock on.

john lee said...

Nothing wrong with the El Camino or Rancheros, it is the Oldamino I laugh at. I would love that Rollsamino.