Saturday, August 15, 2009

the "6"

I know I have blogged many, many times about the many, many CJ Willy's and Jeeps my brother, thejeepjunkie, has dubiously acquired over the past couple years.

Numbers "4" and "2", no, not 2A, are shown in the following image, L to R.

Last week, after thejeepjunkie acquired another one, at Happy Hour on the sprawling front porch of the Taj Mahal, we tried to count them up. As best as we can come up with, the total number is "6". Then one of us, either TheGoodAttorney, thejeepjunkie or this olelongrooffan comes up with another one.

Well, we are sticking with "6", no, not the highly desirable CJ6 I spotted here.

Yesterday morning, as I was in the shower getting ready to help thejeepjunkie shuttle, what I call "6", to TheGoodAttorney's home, thejeepjunkie rings the doorbell of the Taj Mahal and has a seat on the front porch.

I thought I heard it ring when I was in the shower and figured thejeepjunkie was early, as usual when tasks are scheduled for 7 freaking 30 in the morning. Anyway, I unlocked that massive front door and went back to getting dressed. thejeepjunkie? Well he grabbed a Diet Coke from my awesome built in frig and headed back to the front porch facing that warm, sun filled eastern sky. I got dressed and as I head out to the oleragtop, this is what I see.

I mention to thejeepjunkie it would be great to take the "2A" on this excursion. His comment, "Yeah, I thought about that but I'm not sure they both won't break down on the transfer." We both chuckle at that and hop in the oleragtop and head out.

We were shuttling the "6" from thejeepjunkie's shop down in The Home of The World's Most Famous Beach to its clandestine resting place at, as mentioned, TheGoodAttorney's home up here in The Birthplace of Speed.

I got this image of thejeepjunkie starting it right in the parking lot of his shop

and following him up US1, also known as Ridgewood Avenue down that way. And, although my trusty, cheap Polaroid didn't pick up the early morning shadows, you can tell it is still early in the morning.

How so, you ask? Easy, no hookers are out yet trolling for clients from the sidewalks.

And the Halifax River, which is actually not a river but a tidal estuary, is as flat as a lake this morning. Incidentally, the same basin of water where I saw this. I tried to get a shot of the person water skiing out there but, while this is a cheap digital camera, the zoom is rather touchy.

And a shot of the "6" trolling up Beach Street.

In the street side parking lot of the park where the Kid and thejeepjunkie fish, I spotted this orphan car, an Oldsmobile Calais referenced in this post.

Here, thejeepjunkie is manuevering into the same parking spot occupied by "4" and "2" in the first image of this post.

Still not sure of the ultimate resolution of "6". It has a honking big 304 V8 which is just too powerful of a motor to put into the hands of a 16 year old boy, in this type of vehicle, no matter

how mature the Kid is.

So for now, it sits in TheGoodAttorney's drive under a body cover awaiting the next Jeep deal thejeepjunkie can come up with.

And it is watching thejeepjunkie manipulate the local Jeep economy that allows all of us to

Celebrate Life.

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