Saturday, August 8, 2009

Am I In The 50's?

After busting my b*tt yesterday down towards that lighthouse, today was a hang around the Taj Mahal and generally take it easy kind of day.

Well, since the olestationbus is still off getting high at that paint shop, the oleragtop has been doing a double stint as both an oletoolhauler as well as an olematerialshauler. I spent a bit of the day getting her cleaned out and, generally sweating my *ss off.

I know I have not mentioned this previously, but I have often wondered what it would have been like to have lived in another era of recent time.

Like in the days of the old west. Yeah, but I would have needed a Jeep.

Like in the Roaring 20's. Yeah, but I would have needed a Duesenberg.

Like in the 1950's. MMM, the 50's.

So I thought more about that and decided to do this blog.

It contains many non-PC ads from that era. I do not condone the subligation of any sex, race or creed but as I did not live through this era, I find the ads of that era humorous.

I suspect there are some of those Counting Along With Me who find these ads offensive and if you do not like the TV series "Mad Men", you probably will not like this blog.

This is posted with pure fun in mind and I would hope everyone accepts it as such.

So, the olelongrooffan living in the 1950's in the United States.

This morning I woke up to this

on my new television set. I guess I had fallen asleep watching the old boob tube once again.

I headed off to my newly remodeled bathroom

and enjoyed some reading material while sitting on the throne

I then showered with my Lux Toilet Soap

and then headed out for a cup of coffee

and a bowl of cereal

at the kitchen breakfast bar.

all the while listening to records on my portable stereo system.

Once I was finished with breakfast, I decided to watch my favorite morning program

on my new Crosley Television Set with the built in turntable system.

in my living room.

While I was sitting there, I received a rare telephone call from a friend living in London.

After messing around with a gift I received last Christmas,

I decided to check my email.

I then logged off, grabbed my trusty camera

went out to my automobile

and headed out to Country Club Centre.

I wanted to pick up a few things for Christmas gifts for the youngsters

as well as some things for the members of the "fairer sex" in my life.

and maybe a game or two.

(the sentiment in the above image reflects my feelings also.)

And maybe I could find some of this newfound nylon stuff that is all the rage these days.

Oh yeah, I need a new toaster also.

And I thought I might hang out in front of this store

as I am a member of this Club.

So I get out of my bungalow and on to A1A and this

is the traffic I encounter.

As I am heading south, I see these folks Beachside

and I wonder what they are looking at.

Well, it seems there is some sort of beauty contest going on.

Then I spot this cutie and had to break out that trusty Browney to get a shot.

I then realized I was kind of hungry so I thought I would stop

and grab a snack

a pack of smokes

and a breath mint.

I couldn't decide on which soda pop I wanted

but I had a

hard time deciding

so I had a milk shake instead.

After leaving the malt shop, I got back out on A1A and saw both pedestrians and traffic scurrying to get off the street.

I was curious until I saw this

and remembered the annual 8th day of August parade.

It was widely attended and represented by the best this area has to offer.

I then got back on my way to get that new toaster and, on the way, I saw this horrific crash

and just a bit later, I saw these youngsters

while listening to a Yankees ball game on the radio

and realized I was getting hungry.

I did make it out to that shopping center and picked up a couple of shirts

as well as some really big kitchen utinsels and some cheap trimmings for this year's Christmas tree.

Out in the parking lot, I saw this woman sitting on the hood of a Mercedes 300 SL gullwing. Hope those heels didn't scratch that paint.

By this time I was getting a bit hungry

But I decided that, instead of getting a sandwich at the Automat, I would head over to Pete's Bar and have a cold one.

I vaguely remembered some friends were having a get together and I rang them up and they said to come on over.

And I did. But once the square dancing started I realized it was time to go.

A little later I split out of their party and was still a bit hungry.

A 'tater dog' was not on my wish list so I headed over

to the Burger Chef and parked next to that old Chrysler product and

ordered up a whole mess of this.

So, after feasting on that bellhop delivered food, I stopped to gas up

and I then remembered I needed a few things from the grocery store

yeah, I remembered thejeepjunkie needed some shopsupplies

and I needed to pick up some Jello and lemons for this new recipe I wanted to try out.

and, of course, I needed some Lea & Perrins.

And, by the way, I was able to find some brown shoe polish.

I returned to the Taj Mahal and the sweet grandmother next door invited me to join her and her grandkids for a summertime Thanksgiving dinner. It seems she was not able to spend last Thanksgiving with them and wanted to provide her grandkids a traditional Thanksgiving dinner during their visit to The Sunshine State this summer. I politely declined and

headed into the Taj Mahal for a quick and convenient dinner for one.

in my new kitchen.

I tossed all my dishes in my new dishwasher, showered and

grabbed my other camera and headed out to

my other car as I was going to a friend's

cocktail party in that huge high rise over by the bay.

Once I left, I saw this cute blonde hitch hiker getting out of that cool old truck

in front of the Freeway Motel.

I thought about stopping and getting a room and see if I could hook up with her but just about then,

I woke up from the nap I was enjoying on the sofa of the Taj Mahal and realized

This Was All A Dream.

But it is having dreams like this that allow me to

Celebrate Life.


dirtsister said...

That was a fun trip, I counted over 60 images, and helped myself to a couple of faves.

word verification: topho

Busplunge said...

You dreamed it,
I remember it!

Things seemed so much simpler then, maybe that's why I like 50s stuff.