Saturday, April 11, 2009

If You Didn't Take It Into the Woods

It wouldn't break.

Now if you will remember, thejeepjunkie's wife, and the Kid's mom, the sungoddess told thejeepjunkie here, "If you didn't take those things out into the woods, they wouldn't break."

Every time I am over at the Kid's house working on one of their CJs with thejeepjunkie, I always comment to thejeepjunkie that if you didn't take these out into the woods, they wouldn't break, and we both chuckle over that comment.

Well, tonite, thejeepjunkie and the Kid were over after fishing for the big ones down on my beach and as they were leaving, thejeepjunkie mentioned he needed to fix his chain saw. the Kid said it was okay, we don't need it now anyway.

Well, as those of us living in the Sunshine State know, hurricane season is coming up and thejeepjunkie knows he needs to be prepared for any situation.

So as they were leaving, I told thejeepjunkie that if he didn't take that chain saw out into the woods, it wouldn't break.

the Kid, thejeepjunkie and the longrooffan burst out laughing and all of us gave each other a high five.

And it is situations like this that gives all of us a hearty laugh and lets all of us

Celebrate Life.


d5thouta5 said...

yea well, if we didn't use them them wouldn't break either....
great comment as we were leaving...
had to just shake my head....
if you didn't take it into the woods it woulodn't's a chain saw for gods sake.....what else do you do with it...

Horse-farmer said...

CArry it around with you in the back of your jeep and act impotent.
I mean important