Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yeah, I Need A Life

So, I am in the long and arduous process of rattle can painting the interior of my olestationbus prior to re-installing the windows with the longtimeago acquired new window seals.

I am sure You Counters out there remember my olestationbus.

It is actually part of the E-series of Ford Vans that first appeared in 1961. Therefore, it was probably engineered in the late '50's by, what I would guess was, a rather fun loving group of automotive engineers.

Today, I took the only armrests in this minivan predecessor off the door panels to sand those door panels free of their rust to put a Shiny New Coat on them and look at the front of my olestationbus

and then look at what the result of 45 years of Texas and Florida living has done to these ole door panels, with the armrests removed, has resulted in.

I am confident some ole Ford engineers are looking on and joining me as I

Celebrate Life.

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