Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Deja Vu All Over Again

Well, it has happened again.

If you will remember, thejeepjunkie and the Kid got the Kid's old CJ5 through a series of transactions, some of which may be dubious in nature, but like BBB, we will never know the whole story, just thejeepjunkie's version of it.

Then while attempting to blame his kind, elderly brothers, he acquired this one, ostensibly for the Kid's sister.

Now, through no fault of any of my brothers or mine, no matter what he says, thejeepjunkie has acquired the fifth or sixth Jeep CJ he has owned in his life, thus far. And I thought three oleragtops was OC!!

Last week, when I was down in Fantasy Land, I got a ton of calls from thejeepjunkie wanting to know when I was going to be home. As that was a therapeutic visit, that was a tough question to answer. I did get back to the Birthplace of Speed later in the week and thejeepjunkie informed me that he had purchased an unassembled 1946 CJ2A with "some" extra parts. He told me that since he is CJ rich and, with thesungoddess' ruling when he brought the Kid's sister's Willys home, this one was headed straight to ebay. 'And johnjohn, since you did so well with that Ford GPW, you need to list all of these parts on ebay.'

D*mn, that sounds easy.

You see, when I was down in Fantasy Land, I listed 20 lots of "true crime novels" for my sweet sister, Carri. I also had, the day before I left, listed 3 0r 4 lots of old automobile ads and I also came across a few machinist's tools that will probably bring in a decent price. Just what I need is another, at least, 35 auctions to try and manage. But, as I was offered part of the deal, and given my current employment situation, I had absolutely no choice but to accept. After all, it is family, they are looking out for me and I can only return that obligation.

As thejeepjunkie related it to me, 'Saturday we are going to spend 3 or 4 hours moving stuff around in the seller's one car garage to get at all of the CJ parts.' So I was excited about the prospect. Messing around with thejeepjunkie and possibly finding some other cool old stuff.

Well, Saturday morning thejeepjunkie gave me my wake up call at the crack of dawn thirty, well it was actually 8:30, but due to my current life, sleep does not come easily to me and I was tossing and turning til 4 am. However, I had awakened (is that the correct use of that word, Bus?) earlier and had my caffeine fix brewing on my $8 Wally World coffee maker when he called.

So, I begrudgedly drug my sorry *ss out of that warm bed, grabbed a shower, actually ate breakfast along with 2 or 3 cups of java and headed out to that newly organized olestationbus and called thejeepjunkie to see what's his 10/20. Well, he was already on site and the seller's daughter was so excited to be able to unload this, to her, junk, she had gotten everything organized and out in the driveway.

As thejeepjunkie relates, 'I am loaded up and heading out. the Kid's sister has an event I need to go to at 11.'

So there I sat in the driver's seat of the olestationbus, dejected.

D*mn, jeepjunkie, my whole day, in fact the last several days have been scheduled around this event and, more upsetting to me, I did not have one of these. And, despite all of the greatest intentions of some very considerate gentlemen, having just two collectable dollar coins to rub together and a pocket full of change my options are extremely limited.

Go for a ride and see What I Saw Today? No, this is Bike Week and this oleunemployed constructionworker is terrified at being out On The Road with about 50,000 Harley's. Take a ride down The World's Most Famous Beach? No, it is high tide and those Homeland Security Retirees won't let me on the beach, regardless of that yellow sticker, unless I am in a four wheel drive. Tried to tell them the oleragtop is All Wheel Drive and got nowhere. Sit around the Taj Mahal and do another blog? No, to psyched to get out, that just is not an attractive option. Sorry about that, Counters.

Well, anyway, the best I could come up with was a way to repackage all 57 of sweet sister Carri's true crime novels to ascertain the most economical way to ship the to an Embalmer/Funeral Home Director in Louisiana who is as big of a fanatic about forensics as is Carri and wants to buy all of these non fiction books as a lot. I am concerned she might be in competition with a friend of the Bus, and my blog friend, thedirtsister over at Life In The Garden. And let me tell you, even though the Bus and thedirtsister have shared a glass or two of the Port Wine, she is, after all, in considerable control of herself, I would not want to p*ss her off. But since, I have never met her, this is purely speculation....

Well, I guess thejeepjunkie, telepathically, must have known this as I received a call from him just at this time.

As usual the conversation went something like this...

longrooffan: 'Hey jeepjunkie, whatcha doin'?'

jeepjunkie: 'Waiting'

longrooffan, symbolically: 'Waiting for what?'

jeepjunkie: 'Waiting for you to get over to The Good Attorney's place to get this CJ2A on ebay.'

NeedlessToSay, I skeedadilled across that Tall Bridge to get there.

No Back Up Plan Necessary...

So I arrive at the said destination and got an image of thejeepjunkie beside his most recent CJ acquisition loaded on that trailer behind the Kid's tow vehicle.

I proceeded to inventory what he had gotten and to determine just what some stuff was.

the Kid dropped by a little later and helped me lift that old tub off the frame and stand it upright on its side.

We then removed the drive shafts and transmission. Thanks for your help, Kid! He had to head off to Mass as his sister was a server that Saturday afternoon. I then removed the frame and stood it next to its 63 year old companion. Removed the remainder of the parts off that old CJ and got them photographed and packed away.

Now, if you have been Counting Along With Me, you will lnow that my cars live duel lives.

Remember that 850

truckster wanna be?

Or how about that oleragtop delivery van wannabe?

Well, now my beachcruisin' olestationbus

is now a

mobile CJ parts warehouse.

And while it is time consuming to post all 35 lots of stuff on ebay, it is this opportunity to get these parts to someone else who has been looking for them that allows me to

Celebrate Life.


dirtsister said...

Dude, the Sanford and Son theme song is locked in about now.

Horse-farmer said...

Danged dirt sister you beat me to the drawn on Sanford and Son......

Hey OleRagTop is that an early blue and white Bronc in that garage?

Is the jeep able to be put back together and sold as a driveable unit???

Enjoy and keep that mobile garage of yours locked up tighter than a twelve day clock.

d5thouta5 said...

in response to the horsefarmer...
yes it is an early bronco...1969 that has been completly restored... lifted about like the barngodesses with fenders cut and fiberglassed in....very sweet ride with the 302....if you see a radiator fan cowl get me one...that is the only item still needed on it....other than to be driven...belongs to the goodattorney who has been extreemly helpful in the jeep acquisition process....