Friday, August 28, 2009

Ten Thousand and One Uses

So, those of you Counting Along With Me know that both of my methods of vehicular transportation are "Blue Plate Specials".

Here is an image of the olestationbus sporting those "Tallahassee Be D*mned" Lug Nutz

and the oleragtop can be seen just about all over this blog.

Well, as these "Blue Plate Specials" were designed and created long before there were four hundred and twenty seven cup holders in every vehicle to come out of every auto manufacturing plant worldwide, my old vehicles are notoriously void of cup holders.

For my original oleragtop, I had purchased an aftermarket cup holder for a staggering $24.95 and mounted it in the center console.

However, due to my current employment status, this frivolous expense is definitely not warranted.

So, You Counters Ask, what is the olelongrooffan doing for a cup holder in the olestationbus and the oleragtop?

I welcome you to see use number 10,001 for

duct tape.

And knowing this silly sh*t, recognizing it and sharing it with you lets me

Celebrate Life.

1 comment:

Complaint Department Manager said...

As the guys from Guiness would say, "A coaster made by using a roll of duct tape...BRILLIANT!"