Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If You Own Old Cars

things break.

A couple posts back, I blogged about my run ins with Johnny Law about the burned out tail light on my oleragtop, and how they did not dampen the aura of a fantastic evening with an old friend.

Well, over the weekend, I replaced that lightbulb and that was not the problem. So I pulled the, what I now know the name of, circuit board and traded it for the identical one on the driver's side. Still no tail light. I figured the circuit board on the passenger's side was shot and headed out to the trusty Daytona U-Pull-It on on International Speedway Boulevard just past
I-95, to get another one. I sure wish I still had a parts car.

I paid my 2 bucks to get in and set off in search of that elusive circuit board.

Well, I have to tell you, every circuit board in every one of the E-30's on this lot had already been snatched up, save one. As the trunk latch on that black sedan was inoperable, I searched in 3/4 of the cars on that lot to find an old school lug wrench to use as a pry bar to get that trunk popped. There was not one pry bar, nor jack, to be found. The hoons that run this place must pull them for recycling as soon as those cars hit their yard. Either that or they are concerned about them becoming weapons between the hoons salvaging those parts cars.

So, while out looking for anything to pop that trunk, I got a couple images to share with you.

Yeah, that is just the kind of guy I am. Always thinking of you Counters out there and always in search of something to share with you. Usually automotive related!! I hope you enjoy that as much as I do.

So much for the mutual admiration society and on with the images.

I saw this old Honda Civic that, other than the rust, appeared to be in fairly good condition.

I remember back in 1975, when, while still living on Haven Lee Farm and after my b*tch sister, sorry Counters, but she is, married a guy who my folks disapproved of, TheGentlemanFarmer pulled us from that rural school to go to the Catholic schools in the Queen City of The Ozarks. I was 16 at the time and my daily driver was a 3/4 ton Dodge pickup, entirely unsuitable for the 30 minute commute to our new schools for myself, my three younger siblings, and my Mom who worked at TheGentlemanFarmer's office.

Well, anyway, TheGentlemanFarmer wanted to get a Civic wagon of this body style. Now I am not the biggest guy in the world, but at 6'1", I am rather lanky. I had TheGentlemanFarmer get in the back seat on the driver's side and I got in the driver's seat and adjusted it to where it would be when I was driving.

TheGentlemanFarmer ended up buying a Plymouth Grand Fury Sport Suburban Station Wagon. It looked like that one with the plastic wood grain on the side, but ours was maroon with an ivory vinyl interior. Oh, thanks Mary Kay Bellinger.

Not, I have gotten a bit away from the Daytona U-Pull-It so let's get back to this

mid 60's Chrysler product. It had been pretty picked over mechanically and all the badges were missing. I am going to place it as a Chrysler New Yorker from about 1968.

It looked about as out of place as did that Civic amongst all of the mid 90's parts cars that populate this yard.

Oh, and they are proud of their stuff!

Notice it is not also posted in Spanish!! Wonder why?

And I am sorry about this image

I guess I moved the ole Polaroid prior to it fully capturing this, in surprisingly good shape, VW Beetle. Sorry Counters.

This yard is divided up by manufacturors but when I walked in, I saw a row of mixed makes and thought it odd. As I was in search of a specific part, I did not further investigate. As I was leaving, dejected at not finding the part I needed, I stopped to check it out.

These vehicles are part of the infamous Cash For Clunkers program.

Just tonite, thejeepjunkie was mentioning he would like to get a Ford Ranger just like that red one in the above image. In the meantime, some really desirable vehicles are 'clunkerized.'

I mean, why would you sell me a used up Chevy Tahoe for $2,500 when you can get $4,500 for it on a trade?

Plus, I am curious about the credit requirements on a new car purchase. Are we creating a "sub-prime" crisis in the automotive world?

But I guess it is working, for now, as Ford, according to some blogs I follow, is increasing production to meet the sales requirements caused by this program.

That, I believe is the problem with this program. It takes affordable used cars off the market or, artificially, inflates the price of them.

Hey, olelongrooffan, quit pontificating and get back to the Daytona U-Pull-It.

Alrighty then.

I saw this tag attached to the engine of

this, otherwise in great condition, Jetta.

This would have been a great college car for the Kid or my daughter, Jessica.

So, as I am leaving that yard, I am thinking of other places to find this part. You remember I am on the Holy Grail to find the circuit board to get that tail light working so I can head down to near MickeyMouseLand to hear my buddy, Tony, perform his wonderful musical act for the first time in public in number of years.

I then remembered John's Auto Parts up on US 1 that thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan visited last winter. I remembered there was an E30 series BMW up there that was complete and they also had an old Econoline van that possessed the new rear window I needed for my olestationbus. Two, Two, Two Parts In One.

So I head up that way, a trip of about 20 miles. As I had not planned on removing a van window when I left the Taj Mahal, I needed to stop and purchase a, with the exception of this trip, redundant utility knife. I already have two but they are resting in the living room of the Taj Mahal, some 30 minutes away.

So I stop in WallyWorld and it must have been fumigation day at the trailer park as that place was packed. Luckily, no sightings of this, but unfortunately, no sightings of this either.

So I acquire yet another trusty utility knife and head up to that junkyard. I stepped into the office of that old school junkyard and notice the sign that says, "No one, absolutely No one, is allowed into the yard." Sh*t, I guess thejeepjunkie and I did not notice this the last time we were there.

After waiting for an older woman and, I guess, her tattoo covered son, who checked in at about 350, provide the behindthecounterdude a laundry list of parts needed off a 1983 Dodge Lancer, (why? I thought to myself...go clunkerize it), the behindthecounterdude got to me.

I first ask him about that ole Econoline and he mentions that window is $55. I told him that I could get it made for $30, just trying to pull a tactic thejeepjunkie would use. He told me to do it.

I then mentioned to him the primary purpose of this trip and he checked his trusty computer and mentions he doesn't have one but Mike Moore's yard down in Holly Hill does. Okay, I know where that is. What is it worth, I ask. He mentions about 50 bucks. Ouch.

He then says, I'll sell you that window for $30 but you have to take it out yourself. Absolutely no problem here. So I head out to that ole Econoline and realize to myself, "Dumb*ss, it is summertime in the Sunshine State.

Yep, that ole Econoline is submerged in a small lake filled with who knows what all. I guess I will be getting that window sometime next winter.

So, I head over to Mike Moore's place and get that circuit board for $25!!! Yahoo.

I get home and install that sucker and the freaking tail light still doesn't work. I mentioned this to thejeepjunkie last night at Happy Hour and he says, "Come on", heading across my huge manicured lawn to the oleragtop. I pop the hood and thejeepjunkie starts pulling fuses and finds a blown one, replaces it and that dang tail light works as it should.

Darn it!!! Now I have to head back to Mike Moore's to see if they might be interested in purchasing, probably for a reduced price, a circuit board for an E30 series BMW for the next hoon who doesn't check the fuses first.

And, knowing I am providing other E30 owners with parts for their old cars, allows me to

Celebrate Life.


Horse-farmer said...

I bet that ole long roof would have his motor rebuilt (when he runs out of gas) LOL

Way to go JOHN JOHN

Busplunge said...

rule #1, check fuses
rule #2, check light bulbs
rule #3, go see Ed.

d5thouta5 said...

you don't know how close to the truth you are TC.....almost been there withg the longroof....and as for rule numbeer 3....get Bud-Light...then call Ed....