Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So Yesterday,

when I was out looking for parts for old cars, this olelongrooffan saw some stuff and I thought I would share that stuff with you.

If you are looking for that missing piece of the puzzle,

I found it just outside the post office box area of the Tah Mahal. Let me know, I will get it to you.

Oh yeah,

this is the, as of last evening, sold "6" I referenced here. Can't wait to see the CJ "7" thejeepjunkie comes up with.

And this is Brian France Jr.'s new office building he is constructing just across

International Speedway Boulevard from the home of the Rolex 24, and also, the Daytona 500.

After I left John's Auto Parts, I saw this pair behind a hedge on the opposite side of the divided four lane roadway you see in the background of this image.

Parked in front of this establishment.

I spotted this across US 1 from those cool ole Bowties. I have to say this about that;

I am not a motorcycle kind of guy but why would you ruin a classic Honda to do this?

Of course, the olelongrooffan finds this just a bit down the road, facing

this. I, absolutely, am not informing thejeepjunkie of its location.

As I was leaving the location of those vehicles shown in the two previous images, I spotted this classic ole Karmen Ghia off in the distance. I purposely waited to see it pass by and to get this image.

Interestingly enough, to me anyway, the Kid has a buddy who's Mom has one as her daily driver, his Dad has a classic ole VW Bus as his. Anyway, as we travailled down US1 side by side, I saw a woman, about my age, driving and a young man, about the Kid's age, in the passenger's seat. I bet even money it was the Kid's buddy. And know, Counters, it is a sweet ride.

So, heading down to Mike Moore's place, I spotted this classic American Motors product,

along with the raggedly worn window channel of my oleragtop.

I, then, stopped by to have a chat with danthecabinetman and got a view of the

Main Street Bridge the olestationbus, the oleragtop and this olelongrooffan frequent every chance we get.

Along US1, just north of thejeepjunkie's shop, I spotted this pair of orphaned Plymouths and had to share them with you.

Just up the road I saw this, rare, Carrera RS

and a whole bunch of droptops.

And, of course, yet another jacked up truck.

And, I have to tell you, this is the most desirable daily driver longroof in my world.

Then I spotted this sand rail buggy in front of the Daytona Muscle Machine Shop. This location has been "For Sale" since I moved here.

Speaking of "For Sale". This place, located two blocks from the Halifax River, is on the market for $279,000. Green driveway at no extra charge.

I prefer this home much more, although I been judged neither of them.

And last, but not least, I saw this Florida Gator's colored bus on the way home.

It is an Orion, probably equipped with the lowest gear ratio in existence ever.

And know Counters, it is in sharing all of this BS with you that I

Celebrate Life.

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