Monday, August 17, 2009

A Total Freakin' Idiot

I have to thank that dude Ruining the Internet for this link, but Count Along With Me.

Last week, the Kid came by the Taj Mahal to pick up this olelongrooffan to head down to pick up my newly shiny olestationbus.

Well, this didn't make that blog but when I went to pick up that olestationbus, as it had not been started in over 3 weeks, that battery was bone *ss dead. the Kid pulled out those trusty battery cables we tried to jump start that 170 cubic inch Ford product built in 1963. But, to no avail.

As thejeepjunkie's shop is only about 8 blocks away, the Kid pulls out that somewhat trusty tow strap that rescued these hoons here, and tows my sorry *ss down to that shop.

thejeepjunkie wants to know what's up and I relay my situation and he tells me to pull that battery and he will hook it up to the charger. "Clean the battery connectors in the olestationbus and Get To It. In about an hour that battery will be charged up."

I obediently follow his rules and head inside to that air conditioned waiting area with a, rarely seen by this olelongrooffan these days, television perpetually tuned to WESH News 2, the local all news channel based out of MickeyMouseLand.

As I was sitting there, enjoying a rare glimpse at the gratis old school print automobile magazines thejeepjunkie get delivered free to his shop every month and watching the latest goings on down there, an elderly gentleman, who was, as I had overheard a couple of thejeepjunkie's co-workers say earlier, 93 years old and still as spry as I am, came in and sat down.

We didn't really acknowledge each other but each of us knew the other was there.

So anyway, I was reading and he was watching the idiot box.

News At The Top Of The Hour comes on.

First story: A teenage gang member was killed last night in downtown Orlando.


Second story: A teenage gang member was killed last night in downtown Deltona.


Third story: A man was convicted of fondling Minnie Mouse.

He and I looked at each other and we both BURST out laughing!!!

Yeah, that is life down in MickeyMouseLand.

And that is what we do.

Celebrate Life.

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