Saturday, August 22, 2009

Correction Corner?

Well, I have been wrong about makes and models of old cars before.

I just did a blog about some hoon over in Finland doing him some drifting.

I got this link from Hemmings and commented that I understood it to be a '52 Mercury (see the comments section of this link).

Well, over at Jalopnik, they also have a link and one of the commenters there mention it is a Pontiac.

Where, oh where, can Kit Foster be?

But knowing these dudes in a land far far away are hooning out a 50+ year old car made here in these good ole United States lets me

Celebrate Life.


Horse-farmer said...

It is not a 52 Merc

that I know

Busplunge said...

I think it is a Pontaic by the Pontriac stripe down the trunk.

BTW, will we be having this conversation 30 yers from now?
It's a lexus
No, it's a honda
No, it's a toyota
No, it's a taurus....

todays cars all look alike to me. and that ain't a good think