Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Must Move Quickly On This!!

Yeah, it is another rambling all over the place blog about life in this olelongrooffan's world. Grab that cold beverage and join me for the ride.

I awoke this morning with every intention of installing the built-in microwave TheGoodAttorney acquired earlier this week at less than retail on ebay.

Well, as we know, the best laid plans can go awry.

So, a while back, I did a blog about Rich's Oceanshore Garage and how Richie rescued this olelongrooffan when one of the hoses on my olestationbus decided it wanted to go its own way.

Well, since that time I have been keeping a lookout for a free frig for Richie to keep his "cold pops" cold in his shop.

Now, after working like a Mexican for thejeepjunkie, in order to get the olestationbus a chemical high, yeah, I mean 9-10 hour days with a paint roller in one hand and an eye on the weather looking out for severe thunderstorms in the other, I finally finished up repainting an entire home, walls and ceilings, and thejeepjunkie goes ahead and blasts me about the amount of time it took. And, if you looked at that link to thejeepjunkie's blog, we all owe that dude standing more than a modicum of respect.

And while that experience was not as much fun as this, thejeepjunkie related to me that Adel's kids were hugely appreciative of our efforts and that makes it all worth the while.

Anyway, danthecabinetman, who I met while working with Manuel Labor on TheGoodAttorney's home earlier this year, called me last week to mention he had found a free frig for Richie and to call someone, who I now know as TheHumorousJudge, for the fact she has a free frig and to "Come and Get It".

So, last evening after thejeepjunkie headed over to his domain to pick up the Kid to help move furniture around in the smoker's house, I rang up TheHumorousJudge to make arrangements to meet up on Saturday morning so I could inspect the frig.

I called around 9:45 this morning and got TheHumorousJudge's husband, AttorneyDan, on the phone and he mentions that she is out but to come on over.

So I did.

While I was inspecting that frig for its sufficiency to meet my rescuer's needs, I ask AttorneyDan what she is asking for this frig. Well AttorneyDan rings up TheHumorousJudge on the trusty cell phone and, while she is meeting with danthecabinetman, she will be home shortly and for this olelongrooffan to hang around to meet her.

And I did and I am glad I did.

So, when TheHumorousJudge showed up, she asked me to reinstall a towelbar that was removed when they had their master shower redone. No Problem, I said. Well, after three trips to the local ACE Hardware, I finally got that job done. It seems after the shower was redone, AttorneyDan's towel bar was not reinstalled and he was using HER towel bar and this was unacceptable so I reinstalled his towel bar and reconfigured the loose attachment for hers.

Yeah, TheBoutiqueContractor, and I love it.

In the meantime, TheHumorousJudge remembered several other jobs that needed performing around her home, including, cleaning out the gutters, trimming the trees overhanging the house, replacing light bulbs around the house.

Apologies offered to TheGoodAttorney, TheHumorousJudge gets high priority today.

I promptly got on the phone to the Kid to come over and make $50 bucks to trim these trees and clean these gutters. He was on the way in his old CJ. $50 bucks to a 16 year old. That's alot of gas money.

So, the Kid and this olelongrooffan are sweating our *sses off using AttorneyDan's chain saw on a pole necessary due the cuts requested and thejeepjunkie calls after meeting with Adel's kids and after much complaining, none of it really serious, drops on by TheHumorousJudge's and AttorneyDan's home. He promptly asked "What am I doing?". I told him and he got to it.

In the meantime, I am puttering around getting hoses and such configured for what project is next and I notice the Kid is missing. I head into TheHumorousJudge's home to gather up some screws, for the repair of the gutter downspout, in that junk drawer in the kitchen everyone seems to have.

Admit it, you have one too.

Anyway, as I am in the kitchen searching for the necessary supplies, I look up and there is the Kid sitting at the kitchen table and TheHumorousJudge is at the microwave over that, soon to be sold, stove preparing a bowl of Ziti pasta for the Kid!

Okay, cash, lunch and an afternoon basically free of adult supervision. the Kid was in heaven.

So, I head back outside of that St. John's River front home and there is thejeepjunkie and AttorneyDan jawboning about old Jeeps. It's Deja-vu all over again. Now, I have to tell you, the 84 year old AttorneyDan and thejeepjunkie are looking at the Kid's ole CJ5 and AttorneyDan heads into his every tool you could ever want garage and comes out with this...

It is proported to be a fuel sending unit for a M151 Mutt that he bought back in the day when he owned one of these. After all, he rode as the front machine gunner on a B-24 during WWII, and has photos and the experience to show for it. And I bet "Rosie the Riveter" was involved in the construction of this way of life saving aircraft. AttorneyDan mentions if thejeepjunkie doesn't need it, put it on ebay.

So, thejeepjunkie has disconcerned that it doesn't meet any of the needs of his old CJ's, this olelongrooffan had done a Google search and I have not found anything resembling this sending unit. I am going to keep searching and that sending unit, if in fact it is one, is currently residing in the living room of the Taj Mahal.

Why here and not in thejeepjunkie's garage?

Well, I honestly believe if it was in his garage, thejeepjunkie would built, yet another, Jeep around it.

On ebay it goes.

And TheHumorousJudge not only fell in love with the Kid, she feed him, gave him the leftover Ziti, she also paid him $100! Yeah, he scored!

And it is meeting new clients with a large circle of friends needing a "Boutique Contractor", knowing the Kid and thejeepjunkie are there for backup, and hooking up a buddy with a garage frig that lets me

Celebrate Life.


Lil Jim said...

Dad used to have a sweet m151, that would go anywhere and would also drve safely at highway speeds

Busplunge said...

That sure looks like the fuel pump off of an M151.

That jeep was another one of those why did I ever sell that vehicle? lots of stories to tell with that jeep and Arkansas.