Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When A Crash Is REALLY Expensive

A while back, thejeepjunkie did a blog about the Kid backing into a Suburban down on the Beach access nearest my home.

Then the bus-plunge did a blog about the owner of the 5 Acre Dream smashing the fender on her daily driver.

This past weekend, during the running of the historic races at Laguna Sega, out Californey way, a 1958 Ferrari 250 TR bumped the tire wall. See it here.

The significance of this you Counters ask?

This car is worth nearly $8 million dollars. That's right. Someone thinks this $8,000,000.00 car is just perfect for hooning around this historic road course. I agree, 100%.

And just watching those guys drive those expensive old race cars, doing the same thing as this olepoorlongrooffan, them in their race cars and me enjoying them in their race cars. Yeah, just another opportunity to

Celebrate Life.

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