Friday, March 6, 2009

What Is Old Is New Again, Revisited

Now, Counters, it is time for another round of What Is Old Is New Again.

Compare this

and this



Horse-farmer said...

Haven't decided if I wants the truck or the wagon

But as I get older I thinks I needs the ladder more than the truck or the wagon

Hell Barngoddess has me carrying a milk crate in My Bronc so she can get in and out......
I'm too cheap to put fancy running boards or nerf bars on My Bronc, so a milk crate will have to do...

Why didn't Dirtsister charge for those Celebrate Life magnets????

Horse-farmer said...

I do like that long roof wagon

another search craig's list evening coming, I see it now

if I could only remember what the name of the wagon was???????????

Tonic and Ginger,,,,,,,,,,
Giner and nicot
oh well,

Spring forward, fall back

Word verification makes me think of those yellow wood commercials

longrooffan said...

That wagon, I would like to have it also, but just as a Lark.

jesse said...

Another old is new again is that Stude Wagonairre and the newer GMC Envoy. Both have the sliding roof for the pick up bed airspace benefit.