Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ah, Bike Week

is finally over.

While I was only around for a few days of it, it was intense. All day long the deep bass symphony of Harley Davidson motors was off in the distance.

I can now hear the surf pounding the sand down on the the World's Most Famous Beach. It is lovely.

I saw more bald heads, tattoos and Harleys in one place the past few days than I have ever seen in my life.

So late this afternoon, I took a drive down the beach and it was loaded with young, white hardbodies, both male and female. At first I thought it was the sunny 80+ degree weather then I realized it is tramp stamp---er--Spring Break season.

Anyway, it is this sunny weather with the roar of the surf in the background that allows me to

Celebrate Life.

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VC said...

Dude, we're going to need pictures!