Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Multi Tasking Vehicles

A few posts back, I did one about the dual personalities my rides have.

Well, if you clicked on the "rides" link, you will know I have been selling a bunch of Jeep parts on ebay for thejeepjunkie.

This weekend I am headed down to Fantasy Land to see my daughter, replace a hot water heater for my friend Carri's sister and see a longtime friend, who I am picking up on Thursday evening at the airport in either Port Charlotte or Punta Gorda.

Now I am confident those of you who are Counting Along With Me are trying to figure out how this oleunemployedconstructionworker can afford to go out of town so often. Well, with gas hovering around $1.80 a gallon, and pretty much everywhere in the Sunshine State less than 250 miles away, and with the oleragtop getting 28 miles per gallon, I can go lots of places for less than $40 round trip.

Once I arrive at a destination, with the few odd jobs I do around their home, my food is usually provided by my host/hostess and, thus, saves me money on food spent at home.

Now, where was I?

Oh yeah, so I sold a bunch of those parts. On Ebay, you have to include the shipping costs and without an inhouse scale, I estimated the price on shipping, trying to weigh in on the heavy side. Successful, for the most part.

However, on the front driveshaft I missed it totally. The cheapest cost to ship that driveshaft from The Birthplace of Speed to Land O Lakes, Florida was over $15 and I had quoted a price of $10.

Land O Lakes is located just north of Tampa, and on the way, if I travel an alternate route through Sl-Ocala, down to the west coast of South Florida.

So rather than ask the buyer to cough up 1/2 again as much as I quoted on the shipping cost, I am going to personally drop this off at his front door.

And the $10 he included as shipping will make this excursion less than $30. Plus I know I will get a blog or two out of it.

Yes, it is all about you Counters.

And the fact my oleragtop, in addition to being an oledeliveryvan

also gets to be an olepartsrunner allows me to

Celebrate Life.

Stay tuned.

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