Friday, March 6, 2009

thehorsefarmer And The longrooffan

So, thehorsefarmer and thebarngoddess are out driving around the countryside taking images of old cars, trucks and tractors and thehorsefarmer blogged about it here.

I must say, at this point, I love and respect all my brothers and for different reasons.

Among many others, here are a couple reasons for each.

BBB because he is always in a great mood and always has a story to tell.

the Bus for what the gracious and thoughtful way he worked, with many obstacles, to make Mom's last years good ones and he encouraged me to get this whole blog thing going.

thehorsefarmer for handling, also with many obstacles, Mom's estate and for being a thoughtful gentleman, also for carrying on the Haven Lee Farm name.

thejeepjunkie for being a jeepjunkie and for being a great dad and friend.

I have to tell you though, I have spent my entire life trying to one up them, we are brothers after all, and, until today, I have never been able to do so.

Now having set that in place.

Over at thehorsefarmer's car tripping blog, the last place he and thebarngoddess stopped, at least in that blog, was Jerry's Auto Sales in Russellville, Arkansas.

and he took this image of this 58 Pontiac, and the sight of this Old Indian prompted him to remember Matchbox cars and spoons as road building machines in the backyard. Mom always used to wonder where all her spoons went, even into my childhood.

Thanks for the memory TC.

He also threw down the gauntlet to determine the model year and make of the rest of the cars.

I stated above that thehorsefarmer had visited Jerry's Auto Sales in Russellville, Arkansas.

How did I know it was Russellville, Arkansas?

In that image of the Rolls, it showed a sign for Jerry's Auto Sales, that was easy.

But you see, if you have been Counting Along With Me, and aren't too old to have forgotten, I visited that same place last summer while On The Road, By The Numbers. I even blogged about it and included a shot of this row of cars and that old Rolls.

This is what it looked like last summer. With the exception of the 55 Ford Crown Victoria, the same cars are in that row. 1. 1937 Buick, 2. said Vic, 3. Volvo "Whaleback", 4. 1950 Oldsmobile, 5. "Pontoon" Mercedes, 6&7 are a couple of mid 60's Bowtie pickups. In thehorsefarmers image, there also is an 80's era flat front Ford rolloff truck.

In thehorsefarmer's image, this

replaced the #6 Chevrolet. It is a 1957 Ford pickup.

I will leave the determination of the tricycle tractor to thehorsefarmer.

Yeah, I can hear everyone b*tching about how I was able to determine those cars having actually seen them in person. Well, that is just the way I Celebrate Life and that is, yet, another thing that will never earn me one red cent.

I even got an image of that old Rolls

and noted that hole is not there for the

same reason as the one in thehorsefarmer's Big Mule. I spotted that gunshot hole

on the day we built thebarngoddess her Coope de Ville.

I also got an image of this cool Pontiac hood ornament, although it is not as cool as this one.

Yes!!! At the ripe old age of 49, I have finally one upped, at least one of my brothers.

I am scared as I wait for the other shoe to drop.


Horse-farmer said...

Good job recollecting where Jerry's was.
Been by there so many times that I can almost guess what will be there the next time.
Just a test to see if you were paying attention, and you were.....
Great job...
Now what year was the "coupe and trailer" and where did I see them?
You have been by there too....
I thinks...
good reply
SOMOTUEO word verification

Kit Foster said...

"Yeah, I can hear everyone b*tching about how I was able to determine those cars having actually seen them in person."

Um, I think the Ford pickup may be the only "determination." I make them to be, front to back: 1956 Pontiac Chieftain; 1940 Cadillac; 1956 Ford Customline Victoria; 1959-65 Volvo 544; 1953-59 Mercedes 220; 1964 (or '66) Chev pickup; 1964-66 Chev pickup. And, of course a John Deere tractor. I'm afraid your "Rolls" is a 1946-52 Mark VI Bentley.

Kit Foster said...

Sorry, I missed the Olds. It's a 1946-48 model.