Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time For A Spring Fling

Ever since thehorsefarmer gave all of us a bit of a scare earlier this week, I have been giving my life and lifestyle some deep consideration.

You see, I am nearly 50 years old and, currently, am unemployed, have blown through my savings, and have no love life at all. Depressing, huh?

Kind of, if you dwell on it, but I don't, something will work out, it always does.

However, in an effort to Celebrate Life, I have decided to have a Spring Fling.

Now, as I have previously mentioned, it is tough to have romance without finance, I am confident you Counters out there are wondering how I am going to have this Spring Fling.

Well, it's like this. I always seem to find something to occupy my time and have fun doing it. thejeepjunkie loves to relate the fact that the longrooffan is the only guy he knows who can turn a 3 hour trip into a 7 hour adventure. I like that.

But, since I don't want to find myself in this situation, I have chosen to find another outlet for my surplus time. I just hope at 81 I still have the ability. I know the desire will be there.

Luckily and just in time, this is happening here this weekend, just down the road a piece at that roundy round track I love so much.

The best part?

I was speaking with my landlord Brad from down in South Florida, he is also a carguy, earlier this week and a buddy of his, Bob, has a booth at this show. Bob and I got in touch with each other and I am going to be able to put some of those Celebrate Life magnets, as well as a bunch of vintage CJ parts in his booth. Maybe a few non-museum pieces of diecast, as well.

In addition, Bob added me to his Vendor employee list so that admission price, Forget It. I am sailing into the Daytona International Speedway gratis all three days.

Plus, as I was cruisin' up A1A earlier this evening, I saw a bunch of street rods and classics in the parking lot of Belaire Plaza, just down the street from the Taj Mahal. I am sure the Kid and his Cj5, thejeepjunkie and his CJ2A, the longrooffan and his olestationbus will be down there at least one night.

While not quite as fun as a six foot blonde with large breasts, these events are a h*ll of a lot cheaper and it is in this way I

Celebrate Life.


d5thouta5 said...

as for the forgot the part about no vocal chords....
might even the odds....good score and hope you have a good time...

Horse-farmer said...

Where is my tee shirt??????

That has to be the worst color of orange I have ever seen......

what am I taking about, I couldn't tell you what color orange is to begin with. Poor Bus and Me, we paint a vehicle shiny black only to discover we were using blue paint.... but the F-1 looked good.

Enjoy the weekend, I thought about taking off and mossying on down to visit, but I don't want to miss the snow this weekend.

WV: tor and le

dirtsister said...

Have you ever considered scaling back on the height requirements? A mature, 4'9", blue hair female, and hire out as a male escort/driver/handyman? Might be a great opportunity!