Sunday, March 8, 2009

Correction Corner

A couple posts ago, I responded to thehorsefarmer's post about cars seen in a row down at Jerry's Auto Sales in Russellville, Arkansas.

Well, as it turns out, someone who knows Runs With The Big Dogs in the old car world, while the longrooffan sits on the porch, and I didn't even know he knew who the longrooffan was, and apparently Counts Along With Me, commented on that post.

Kit Foster said...
"Yeah, I can hear everyone b*tching about how I was able to determine those cars having actually seen them in person."

Um, I think the Ford pickup may be the only "determination." I make them to be, front to back: 1956 Pontiac Chieftain; 1940 Cadillac; 1956 Ford Customline Victoria; 1959-65 Volvo 544; 1953-59 Mercedes 220; 1964 (or '66) Chev pickup; 1964-66 Chev pickup. And, of course a John Deere tractor. I'm afraid your "Rolls" is a 1946-52 Mark VI Bentley.

I stand corrected.

My only defense, when reviewing my images of my visit to Jerry's, I shot an image of that Bentley's hood ornament and realized my error but was unsure as to where to post that correction. So here is the image of that Bentley's hood ornament.

Now I can tell you this.

I spent a couple hours google imaging to, ultimately incorrectly, determine the year and make of some of those cars. I am confident Kit Foster knew what they were on his initial sight of them in that image.

Well, today, By The Numbers got a shout out from Hemmings Blog and received comments from Kit Foster. My day, h*ll, my week is made!

And it is in this way that I can

Celebrate Life.

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Horse-farmer said...

Hello Long Roof and crowd

I couldn't tell the difference between an old chevy pu and a ford pu, how do you expect me to know the diff betwix a Rolls and a Bentley.....
was fun going back and match car to year....... from an expect