Thursday, March 5, 2009

Those D*mn Brown Shoes Aren't Working

For those of you who haven't been Counting Along With Me, or those with old minds like the one I have, click here for a refresher.

And those of you Counting Along With Me know I am willing to accept pretty much any position of employment that will allow me to have any sense of self esteem.

So, this evening after a pleasant visit with thejeepjunkie and The Good Attorney, I fixed an inexpensive dinner of a couple hot dogs on white bread with chips, after all, I dropped a whole $18.24, including petrol, on my 6 day/5 nite trip down to Fantasy Land, thanks to some really good friends, and I check my email.

This is what I got:

Dear John,

Thank you for expressing interest in opportunities with Sears Holdings Corporation!

As you know, matching applicants with the right positions requires a unique combination of candidate experience, job requirements and timing. Your application that was active in our database has expired and while we may not have made a match for you during the time that has passed since you've applied, we would like to introduce you to other great companies that may be able to give you the position you seek, right now.

Sears Holdings Corporation is a founding member of AllianceQ - a partnership of leading companies collaborating to increase our ability to find the world's top talent. It's an easy, free and confidential service. Simply share your background and what you desire in a new job. Every day you will be automatically and anonymously considered for thousands of opportunities with other leading employers, including those current or future openings at Sears Holdings Corporation.

To join AllianceQ or for more information, visit:
To review current Sears Holdings Corporation openings and to reapply directly with us, visit:

Please do not reply to this email if you have questions (your reply will not be responded to), instead contact the Human Resources department at the location you applied to.

Again, thank you for your interest in Sears Holdings Corporation and we hope you will consider us for future opportunities.


SHC Talent Acquisition Team Sears Holdings Corporation

Ironically, I have been a member of AllianceQ since I applied for that seasonal position in late October. I was interviewed for that seasonal position on January 3, 2009 and, apparently, was not offered the position. And the Sears run employment opportunities? Contacted them several times and still no response.

Well, I can tell you this about that,, no matter how down this economy is, it will not stop me from enjoying the chance to

Celebrate Life.

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