Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bus, Are You Paying Attention Up There?

Okay Bus-Plunge, all of the followers of your blog have read about, and empathized with you about, all things political, life insurance, Buses, Jeeps, logical arguments, and who knows what else.

But you miss the really big news!! And right in your hometown!!

C'mon man, your reliablity at getting the real hard news to us is in jeopardy.

But, having said that, the ability to get this information through other sources allows me to

Celebrate Life.


Busplunge said...

It was my first day on the job and I was too embarassed to tell anyone.

Driver said...

here the true story

read the comments,
The city adn the railroad closed the only crossing that was street level between Kansas and 65 bypass.

A truck that wants to go north either has to go west to Kansas or east to 65 bypass.

Not a very good plan.

Lot's of trucks used the Broadway crossing but the railroad and city blocked it off. too bad

Anonymous said...

Blocking Broadway was another one of those "what were you thinking" deeds of the City.

Dumb dumber and dumbest to the City for making this possible.


Lil Jim said...

I am not stuck, I was just delivering this railroad bridge when I ran out of gas right here...