Thursday, July 23, 2009

Huge Sigh!! Another Day With Manuel Labor

I have mentioned before about my employment, or lack thereof, status.

Been 15 months, 361 job applications, 22 interviews and still no luck. Unemployment Compensation has expired, ebay-ed more than 1/2 the sh*t I own, wholesaled nearly the rest. And moved from a huge *ssed house in Sl-Ocala to the sunny and cheerful Birthplace of Speed.

Other than the full time employment situation, things are actually quite well for the olelongrooffan. I hooked up with a local cabinet installation company, thanks to TheGoodAttorney, and they have generated several projects for me in the past few months. Unfortunately, many more projects are a month or so off in the future.

So what have I been doing?

Rattle can spraying the interior of the olestationbus with some super cheap Lowe's clearance paint...hope I get done before they sell out...

Continuing to surf the net for jobs I am either over qualified or under qualified...I hate the interviewer who refuses to offer me a position because "As soon as something for which you are more qualified is available, you will leave." Well, got to give her credit for that.

But the cool thing about most of my family members, just when I need to pay my daughter's cell phone bill or to make sure Geico continues to insure me or pick up a cheap-o camera, one of them seems to offer something to make it all happen.

Just this week, thejeepjunkie put me to work with Manuel Labor up the Atlantic Coast a ways to repaint the interior of a recently passed heavy smoker's home so her heirs, nonsmokers, can enjoy the near the beach house she left behind for her kids to enjoy.

Interesting thing here. Alda passed and her kids banded together to create a mutual home for all of them to enjoy. Yes, olelongrooffan siblings, it does happen.

So anyway, the funding for the final paint came through and thejeepjunkie put this olelongrooffan brother of his to work applying the finish coats of paint throughout that Hacienda.

Now as thejeepjunkie always, and I tell him this on every project, bids the said project way too cheap, it will not be regular ole US Dollars that are my compensation for the way I spend, my in between projects of my own, time with Manuel Labor.

Well, all you Counters out there are familiar with his exploits at horse, or should I say jeep, trading. He has done it again, although neither a Jeep nor a horse are involved.

Well kind of, but not in the context of this post. You see, Alda's neighbor and his wife, in September 1959, (the same year this olelongrooffan arrived), well they bought a 1960 Willy's CJ5 and still own it to this day. Red in color with a Power Take Off out the back. Look for a What I Saw Today post soon.

But you will just have to stay tuned to the far too few posts from By The Numbers to see what this geographically, and spiritually, closest sibling has done for the olelongrooffan.

And. It. Is. Good.

Thanks to thejeepjunkie for letting me

Celebrate Life

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Here's wishing you employment soon! Keep that does help good things happen!