Saturday, July 25, 2009

Did I Tell Ya I Like Ormond Beach?

As I mentioned in a few previous posts, I like it here in Ormond Beach. Always something to occupy my time and there always seems to be a seabreeze blowing.

Well, this evening, after thejeepjunkie and the olelongrooffan and the Kid spent a long afternoon with Manuel Labor, actually, thejeepjunkie and the Kid did it all day. Seems they were over at the Kid's sister's Parochial School putting together some playground equipment all morning and we met up at Alda's kid's house around noon.

Yes, that is correct, noon. This olelongrooffan, after having retired to the master suite of the Taj Mahal around 10 last evening, awoke this morning about 7:30 and had a couple pieces of toast and a glass of ice cold whole milk while checking out the local newspaper's website. I got up to head to get a shower in order to go visit Manuel Labor. On the way, I passed my California King bed and decided to stretch out and, to quote my Mom, "rest my eyes". I woke up at 10:30 to a call from thejeepjunkie and performed the same routine, toast, milk and a moment to "rest my eyes". I reawoke at 11:45 and this time passed on the toast and milk and went straight for the shower, otherwise I would have slept til 4. I guess I needed the sleep or else I wouldn't have fallen into that slumber so quickly.

Yeah, that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Anyway, thejeepjunkie drove his bright yellow CJ2A while the Kid drove his CJ5 to meet with Manuel Labor. Well, you can imagine when the next door neighbor, the original owner of a 1960 CJ5, and his YJ owning son-in-law saw those two treasures, work ceased for at least an hour so these four boys could jaw-bone about Willys and Jeeps in general.

Finally those two Lee boys got back at it.

thejeepjunkie was trying to figure out how to get that Wagoner, no not Wagoneer, spray unit to work while the Kid sprayed down the louvered closet doors with a bleach solution to remove 40 years of built up nicotine.

Oh yeah, thejeepjunkie has never, until today, been able to get that spray unit to operate correctly in my presence. It took him over four hours to spray the garage of my big house in Sl-Ocala and then I had to go back and roll it out anyway. And yeah, he blames this olelongrooffan for all of it.

And the Kid?

When I arrived at Adel's kids home, he was getting ready to make up a bucket of water and use a rag to clean those doors with. I mentioned to him to use that solution in conjunction with the pump up garden sprayer I utilized last week to scrape wallpaper. (Did I mention I hate wallpaper?)

Both thejeepjunkie and the Kid thanked me for the great idea. As I told those boys, "This is not my first Beach Party." the Kid would have been there forever doing a poor job of cleaning those doors. As it turns out, thejeepjunkie won't even have to try and use that spray unit on them, they are as clean and white as the day they were originally painted.

So, around 3:30, the Kid comes in as I am rolling a finish coat of paint on the walls of the guest bedroom and thejeepjunkie is yelling Sh*t and F*ck every other word with that spray unit and the Kid mentions he is done and heading out. I asked if he had sprayed the back side of those louvered doors? "Sh*t" was his reply. It was actually quite humorous. It reminded me of this olelongrooffan and thejeepjunkie being a teenaged boys out on the original Haven Lee Farm and trying to finish up working with The GentleManFarmer so we could go screw off doing anything except what he wanted me to do. Guess the Kid is a Lee Boy after all. But, to his credit, he did clean out that pump up sprayer before he skiddaddled out of there.

Anyway, thejeepjunkie finally finished up painting with that spray unit and comes into the master where I was nearly completing the cutting in of the final coat of paint around the ceiling and getting ready to roll the walls out. "Come on, let's go, a storm like yesterday's is rolling in," he ordered. This olelongrooffan mentioned that I was nearly done and grab the roller and let's finish this up. I finished the cut in, gave him the brush to clean, I finished the roll out and we were out of there in less than 20 minutes.

Yeah, what a digression. Back to paragraph two.

After finishing up a day with Manuel Labor, thejeepjunkie, this olelongrooffan and The Good Attorney were sitting on the front porch of the Taj Mahal enjoying some cold libations and watching that previously mentioned storm roll in from the north. As we were sitting there, we hear the Beach Patrol, over their public address system equipped trucks, tell the touristas down on my beach to gather up their sh*t and get off my beach as a severe electrical storm is approaching.

TheGoodAttorney turns to thejeepjunkie and the olelongrooffan and mentions, "I guess you do get your weather forecast from the beach patrol."

We all laugh, grab a "cold pop" and remember to

Celebrate Life.


auxarc said...

From my past experience,cleaning the Airstream, I have found TSP is great for removing years of nicotine. We get TSP at Westlake Hardware.

Horse-farmer said...

Hell, just take some good old......

hell let someone else do it.....