Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just A Sunday Drive

Ya know, sometimes just busting someone's chops is just alot of fun.

As The Good Attorney said when I mentioned a 1983 poster of him on the National Champion Nebraska Cornhuskers team brought nothing on ebay..."Hey, do ya have to say that now, I am in the room". No, but damn is it fun!!!

So after attending that VDub show where I saw this and this, I was heading east on Dunlawton Avenue, returning from Port Orange. It was still early in the afternoon and I didn't really want to spend this, yet another, Chamber of Commerce Sunday at the Taj Mahal, doing a blog.

Yeah I know, sometimes it is about me.

So I passed over that high bridge, yeah you Counters know what they are by now---even what I was driving, over the St. John's River and when got across that bridge, I headed south versus north toward the Taj Mahal.

Now as the CDM, Jonco, and maybe others, know, there is not much down that barrier island peninsula other than this

Yeah, that is the much beloved CDM lighthouse down there in Ponce Inlet that I love to tease the CDM about!!!

So much so that I have to get a shot of it from the Beach!!!

But I will say this about Ponce Inlet, other than allowing the lighthouse restaurant to open, no matter what CDM says about how good the food is, the building is kind of tacky, to me, in comparision to the real lighthouse. But I can tell you there is alot more tacky sh*t over in MickeyMouseLand.

However, this new construction building housing a 7-11 convenience store is sure sweet. But gas is 10 cents more a gallon than the old one just up the road. I could go into such a tirant about zoning, structural standards, architectural requirements and blah, blah, blah, but I won't. Just know this kind of stuff costs both the builder/landlord/owner/tenant/andyouan'me a ton o'money. I am ready for that discussion.

However, I guess if you can't have lighthouse themed restaurant or actually live in a lighthouse, you can build a lighthouse themed home. It is true I saw this oceanfront home while heading north on A1A. Well, at least some portions of the construction industry are still working.

And just for the Kid and thejeepjunkie, I got this two for one shot.

And since I have that yellow sticker in the lower left corner of the windshield of the oleragtop, I headed back to the beach the soonest moment I could. Once I got there and headed off to the Taj Mahal, with that ocean on my right and the condos on the left, I never realized there was a pier down in Ponce Inlet also...

And yeah, it was a busy Sunday on the beach that day...

In addition, there is almost nothing wrong with a cute girl in a bikini... but know, there isn't one in this image.

So, that's it...

Just a fun cheap cruise around and another opportunity to

Celebrate Life.


Horse-farmer said...

someday the Barngoddess and I are going to camp out on that strip of sand.
get us one of them colored stickers for the windshield and just kind of visit the sand for a couple days.
will have to be during warm weather though..
can you run the beach from the Light house to you town???

longrooffan said...

Dang near the whole way horsefarmer....it is about 20 or so miles and you can drive all but about 4-5 of them down on the beach....sorry though, you wont't be able to actually stay on the beach, but there are a ton of beachside camping areas...I'll do a blog about them soon... longrooffan

Lil Jim said...

that 7-11 reminds me of Ladue in St Louis that has sign laws keeping their stores and restuarants from being too obnoxious

Complaint Department Manager said...

I will have you know that the 7-11's I got my cheese covered hot dogs in looked a hell of a lot older and no where near that clean looking upon my visit. If you asked me, it made it more real.