Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Round of More Stuff I Like

In what was probably my fourth or fifth post here on these tubes, I did a blog about More Stuff I Like. You can find it here, if interested.

In it, I included a copy of the following image of a couch made from the front of a Citroen DS21, similar to the one theGentlemanFarmer used to own. You can see an image of it here.

Now I did that post way back at the end of May and I had no idea I would be purchasing the olestationbus, which possesses a front end just like this one, although the paint is not as glossy. You can refresh your memory of that experience here, should you be so inclined.

Well, as I was surfing around this evening, I came across an image, sorry it is so small, of an old Airstream trailer converted to a bar. I think it is at some campground in Britian but I can't find it again. Anyway, looks pretty cool.

Then I found this. What do you do with an old late 80's luxobarge Mercedes?

Why cut it in half and create wall art.

Just not at the Taj Mahal though.

And I have always wondered what the guy who built that Econoline bar did with the rest of that van.

He must have sold it to this guy

who made a toolbox out of it!! Pretty ingenuous if you ask me. You can see more about it at this toolbox link .

And to quote a famous porker, and I am not talking about notsoskinnyjane,

ThThThThThaaat's All Folks.

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Horse-farmer said...

Loved it, thanks,
also the previous posts too.

take care and keep this information coming, one day I may just build me a camper in my horse trailer.... maybe.... nah....
Barngoddess1 wouldn't let me.

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