Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another Day At Belaire Plaza

As I have previously mentioned, this weekend is the annual Turkey Run and a bunch of us crazy car people gather to gawk at all things mechanical.

The shot below is of my olestationbus and my oleragtop down at Belaire Plaza.

I got the next couple shots for my big brothers who actually got to ride in one of these cool old longroofs, back in the day.

I shot this image, not for the motorcycle but for the cool old 41 Ford, a former firetruck.

And then there is this Dodge Magnum longroof.

Not really my taste and those lambo doors shown in the following video are just over the top. It is about 3 minutes long and shows some of the features of this longroof. Bonus video of thejeepjunkie and the Kid at the end. Also a shot of the Kid's CJ5.

And then for just totally out there, check out this video of an old Chevy pickup with way to much under the hood.

More to Come, Stay Tuned.


Horse-farmer said...

as I sit here with my leg elevated and ice on the ankle, I enjoy seeing your "good time".
Do you just park you vehicles down there and leave them???
Liked the Merc and Ford long roof.

Bad news, on the way home from work the 64 ole station bus wasn't where it was parked. Will see what the status is today.


Horse-farmer said...

So I finally convince the Barngoddess1 to let loose with some of her calf sale money so I can buy the 64 Falcon Long Roof. On the way home from work yesterday, I stop at the bank and get the cash, on towards the sellers house, ONLY to see that ole falcon west bound enroute to Mt Vernon.
Richard's sister had sold it, had I been 30 minutes sooner, I would be on the way to Daytona with my little mule pulling that 64 falcon on a trailer.
In fact, right about now we would be close to Jacksonville......... rats, my chance to have some fun..

Oh well, gave the money back to the Barngoddess1 and she hid it away for a rainy day.

good talking this am, have fun.