Friday, November 28, 2008

Orphans At The Rod Run

No, I am not talking about kids. At my advanced age, I have pretty much decided that I don't like kids who don't have the same last name as me.

I am talking about cars manufactured by automakers who have closed their doors. Hope next year's edition doesn't include any of the Detroit big 3.

This is a highly modified Checker. While predominately used as a taxicab, the Checker also produced a small number of luxury autos. While this appears to be one of the latter category, the addition of 4 wheel drive just doesn't get it for me.

A Triumph Stag of British origin. This one was factory built with a MOPAR engine. Only $7,500 and I think a great deal.

A old Plymouth and an Oldsmobile.

Morris Minor, also of British origin.

Triumph TR6.

Packard body but with modern underpinings. Saw this one several times and it is sweet.

Oldsmobile Toronado.

Austin Healey.

Studebaker Avanti

Studebaker Utility Truck.

Studebaker Lark Pickup, and yes, that is the factory bed on that truck.

Highly modified Studebaker Starliner. No two door wagons were built of this.

Another Studebaker pickup.

Several Studebaker Larks.

An old Willys wagon. When I was shooting this image, the Kid questioned, 'They still make Jeeps. Oh wait, Willys' the Kid knows his stuff about Willys and Jeeps.

A Plymouth Valiant.

Plymouth Barracuda.

And finally, an Oldsmobile Rocket 88.


jim said...

taht Kaiser Henry J is probably a Lincoln 1949-51

john lee said...

I stand corrected and as Lincolns are, for the time being, still being manufactured, I removed that image. Thanks Jim