Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Precision Driving

There are a ton of websites out there showing hoons out driving and generally doing stupid things. I found a couple pretty cool videos and not one car was scratched.

Tonite, over at Metacafe, I found this first video of, what appear to be, movie stunt drivers on a studio lot as it appears there are no sidewalks, street lights or streetscaping. Sorry, there is no audio but I think you will enjoy it anyway.

This next video is of the Saab sponsored Precision Driving Team at the Spa-FranCorChamps race facility in Belgium. If they are still around, I doubt they will be much longer. It has audio so be prepared.

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.


dirtsister said...

That first video was shot in your backyard at Disney World MGM Studios.

john lee said...

Really? It seems to me the license plates are short and wide much like a European one. Plus I can't identify the brand of the darker cars, but nowadays, they all look the same to me anyway. Thanks for the tip.

Lil Jim said...

It was at Disney MGM, I took Trey and Austin to the show this summer. The cars have motorcyle motors and the bodies are fiberglass shells. The car that jumps in "reverse" has the body mounted backwards so the driver is actually looking out the hatch. Not as cool as Joey Chitwood, but neat and no extra admission fee except what you pay to get into the park.

john lee said...

Finally, a mystery solved on By The Numbers!! Dirtsister and Lil Jim, is it possible for you two to be with me the next time I see a wrecked IROC?