Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What I Saw Today, Bit O Honey Edition

So, today, this olelongrooffan decided to get out of the Taj Mahal and head on down to the local feed store and stock up on some grub.

As opposed to yesterday, today it was a warm, sunny, Chamber of Commerce kind of day down here in the Birthplace of Speed, so I dropped the top on the oleragtop and headed down to Bellair Plaza and that feed store BBB does his best to protect.

As I passed by the local fuel supply garage, where, incidentally, petro, at $2.75, is 14 cents more per gallon than it is just two miles away on the mainland.

Anyway, as I passed by that petro store, I saw the most craptastic vehicle this olelongrooffan has seen in quite awhile.

No Counters, I am not talking about this first generation Dodge Stratus but

this hoon's personalized rendition of it. Bright yellow and bright red and just plain ole fugly.

Yeah, it has alot of custom body work as seen in the below image.

Yeah Counters, a double rear wing really provides a ton of downforce on this beast.

This olelongrooffan still cannot figure out what the logo is on the rear glass.

And although you Counters can't really tell the interior color but it is a Bright Patriotic Blue and has racing seats up front.

And with that big ole coffee can sized muffler, I'll bet this thing sounds sweet.

The hoon owner had even included hood tie downs.

It is to bad the hoon didn't have tiedowns for the front air dam.

Oh and the reference to Bit O Honey in the title? Look again at the colors of this sh*tbox and with the blue interior,

and, well, check this out.

And having the ability to post another What I Saw Today blog for you Counters out there that lets this olelongrooffan

Celebrate Life.


Lil Jim said...

Sad thing is for the amount of money in "upgrades" and the original purchase price of the car he/she could've probably gotten a nice jeep or 4x4 ...Happy New Year Uncle John!

Bushwacker said...

Today, we can see different types of cars with unique styles. But this types of wheels never get out of fame.

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