Sunday, December 6, 2009

Totes Taken To The Track

A fairly common sighting at automotive swap meets are modified Little Red Flyer wagons used pulled along and used to carry the miscellaneous items acquired by we hoons as we shop the different vendors for stuff we absolutely must have.

Most are modified in some way or another but the one the Kid and the Kid's sister and I used to drag along with us when we would attend, several years ago, was like every other four wheeled vehicle in thejeepjunkie's fleet. Yep, bone*ss stock.

I got a few images of some of those Totes and thought I would share them with you Counters out there.

So here goes.

The first one I spotted had no visible body or suspension modifications. This hoon merely put some "monster truck" tires and wheels on it. Possibly a lift kit?

And you can tell they just arrived as the only thing in that buggy was a backpack.

For the ultimate in simplicity, lets just tie a rope to a lowly furniture dolly.


In the following image, please note I am not checking out the tails on those jeans wearing t-shirt bargain seekers. I am checking out the tailpipes on this combustion engine-less buggy.

The homemade Tote in the following image was pretty cool. From the go cart wheels and slicks, to the flat platform to haul boxes to the "roof racks" to haul longer items like bumpers and such.

Nicely executed, sorry about the trusty ole Polaroid's capture of its image.
This monstrosity, featuring dual wheels all around functioned only as a baby carrier.

It reminded this olelongrooffan of these.

The final Tote this olelongrooffan got of an image of is below. It is a highly modified Roadmaster wagon, no not this one. But even cooler.

It was set up as an old school dragster. Jacked up rear end with super wide slicks. Lowered front end with bicycle like tires and wheels. Really sweet.

But none of them could hold a candle to this one.

And being able to share what I think is some pretty cool stuff with you Counters, lets me

Celebrate Life.

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Horse-farmer said...

Guess will have to have one of them next year when I come a calling....

set up like a bronco not less..

what some people will do is amazing, all you need is an idea, and prestooooooo