Thursday, December 24, 2009

How I Spent My Christmas Eve Day

So there this olelongrooffan is, sitting in the massive Taj Mahal, feeling sorry for myself.

You see, thejeepjunkie has been on vacation all week and I have not seen hide nor hair of him the whole time.

Further, this olelongrooffan is so broke I will not get to travel to FantasyLand to spend Christmas with my 14 year old daughter, the first time in her life I have not been around for the Holidays.

H*ll, this olelongrooffan doesn't even have gas money to do a road trip to find a "What I Saw Today".

And I was surfing around these tubes for a nonexistent job.

Needless to say, I was pretty low.

Suddenly my cheap cell phone rings and it is thejeepjunkie!!

"Whatcha doing longroof?"

"Just hanging around."

"Got any electrical wire?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Well get your b*tt over here and help me hang a light outside the garage service door on the Kid's house so he can see when he comes home from work after dark."

"See ya in ten."

Hot D*mn, an excuse to get out of the Taj Mahal on this Chamber of Commerce kind of day!

So I jumped in my olestationbus and headed for the Kid's house.

Of course, half way there I remembered I had left my sometimes trusty Polaroid in my oleragtop and had to double back so I could get some images for the blog I knew this day was about.

Once I got there, I had thejeepjunkie take the following image of my in shorts at 11:30 am in the Sunny and Warm Birthplace of Speed.

Well, it turns out thejeepjunkie thought he could merely drill through the top plate on that exterior wall and feed that wire through. Yeah, right.

The above image is of him sprawled in the Kid's attic drilling that hole at the extent of his reach.

Once he finally listened to this olelongrooffan he was able to gain access via the soffit vent adjacent to the service door.

Well, it worked and we got that light installed. Here is thejeepjunkie buttoning up the power source for that light. (By the way, click on the following image to see the inside of thejeepjunkie's garage. I don't think he ever gets rid of anything!)

And the light I gave to him three or four years ago is finally installed in its final resting place.

So, we are relaxing in the Kid's garage and just shooting the bull and talking about the cr*ppy weather due in the Ozarks overnite and here we are in shorts in the garage and sweating in the sun.

Well, the Kid's sister comes out and tells thejeepjunkie he is wanted on thesungoddess's land line.

We are both surprised as usually everyone calls him on his cell phone. He gets up, grabs a pad and pencil and heads in to take that call.

It turns out to be the luminary dude responsible for getting the neighborhood luminaries up in time to light them all this evening. He was running a bit shorthanded and would thejeepjunkie mind helping out?

Well, being the kind of guy he is, thejeepjunkie came out of thesungoddess's house with the Kid's sister in tow.

"Come on johnjohn, we are going to fill some luminaries."

And we did. the Kid was at work as was thesungoddess so thejeepjunkie snagged a neighbor kid to come with us and we drove around the corner to the clubhouse.

And we commenced to filling up around 3,300 of those white bags and

the Kid's sister, the neighbor kid, thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan, along with two other teams, commenced to spreading those things all around his neighborhood.

I am sure they will look awesome this evening when thejeepjunkie's family runs from the six o'clock Mass at which the Kid's sister is serving.

This olelongrooffan decided to head on back to the Taj Mahal, contented upon having spent a productive few hours with one of my four favorite brothers.

Oh, on the way back to the Taj Mahal, this olelongrooffan stopped at the health food store that sells nearly out of date Pepperidge Farm bread for a buck and a quarter a loaf and picked up one for the Taj Mahal.

And out front of that old building this is the address marker for that Granada Boulevard business.

Yeah, Counters, look at the date on that image. I took that image exactly ten months ago on a similar mission and had yet to figure out where I would use it!! I finally get to share it with you!!

And sharing that with you, spending some time with thejeepjunkie and spreading some Christmas cheer, allows me to

Celebrate Life.


d5thouta5 said...

thanks for helping today longroof..
as usual somthing is always waiting to appear, just around the corner, in my world....glad I was finally able to get that light has been on the to-do list for a while...

Anonymous said...

I spent Xmas eve looking for a heater motor (2) for the bus.

no luck
no bus ride tomorrow
too dang cold w/o heaters.

happy holidays