Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ragtops Ruled Rod Run

So, thus far those of you Counting Along With This olelongrooffan have been treated to the longroofs, tudors, trucks and sedans I had seen while out at the Daytona International Speedway for the Turkey Rod Run weekend over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Well, Counters, it is now time for the ragtops.

Let's start with this show stopping 1959 Cadillac. Bright red with a red and white interior. It also has a bright white top. I had seen this boat in a hotel parking lot the week prior to the Rod Run with its top raised. Check out the fins on the rear of this thing. Well put together and bone*ss stock, just as I like them. It sure looks alot better at 50 than this olelongrooffan does!

That red ragtop was parked in the show car area behind the picket fences where the racecar driver's motorcoaches are parked over race weekends. That tall sign in the background is one of the scoreboards and the bleachers are off to the left.

Over in the car corral, I spotted this 1969 version. $12,500, blue with black leather. What a difference 10 years makes, eh?

Around the corner, I spotted this cool Triumph TR6. Yeah, this sweet ragtop could be in my livery. But then I would need to buy stock in some oil distributor and keep a handy supply of fuses and wiring around.

I included this in my Trucks post but it made it here also.

Chicken Wire? You Counters will just have to wait for this one to be explained.

And ragtops for Sophie and Grace.

This Porsche 356 ragtop was a proported barnfind. Looked pretty rough but savable. $3,500.00 and needed everything.

This one is for Sadie Beth.

I saw this one over in the vendor section and it is beautiful. I am fairly certain it is a Buick but could stand to be corrected on this one.

While technically not a ragtop, as it has no top, but I thought it was pretty cool and figured the Kenman would like it.

And just to tease thejeepjunkie once again.

And over at Backdraft Racing, I spotted a few Cobra replicas.

As well as this beauty in red.

It was an enjoyable afternoon that Chamber of Commerce day and stay tuned for more from the Turkey Rod Run.

And feel free to join me as I

Celebrate Life.

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Horse-farmer said...

Loved it....

glad the ragtops were last..

anticipation, anticipation....

you're right, that caddy does look better than you LOL