Friday, December 25, 2009

My Christmas Presents, 2009

As I am sitting around the Taj Mahal waiting to head over to Oh So Sweet Lynne's place for what I am sure will be a delicious traditional Christmas Dinner, I thought I would share with you a couple things Santa left under my massive Christmas tree last night.

First up, I got a new car phone. I spend most of the morning getting it installed and the image below is one of my girlfriend demonstrating how it works. Sweet. Expect a call from me On The Road sometime soon.

The only problem with this phone is that it is permanently mounted in my ole sedan. I guess I'll have to wait til next year to ask Santa for one for my new yacht.

Yeah, that's correct. I only asked for it because it is named after TheGentlemanFarmer and BBB.

If it only had a phone, I could really

Celebrate Life.

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Anonymous said...


Yea, and I got the picture that goes with this....

but in my old age, I forgot where I put it.


enjoy your meal and give her a big hug from all us cold ones up here